Wednesday 16 April 2014

A Race to the Egg

Angel has taken to laying her egg in a nest of her own making on the edge of the woods. 
Now that we have made the fencing more secure around Chicken World she has obviously found a way over the fence at the back, and each day she makes her way there and lays her egg.
Angel with Caldwell II.
Not bad for our oldest hen an egg virtually every day, she's a hard working little thing.
I really didn't mind a stroll round the back of the sheds and reaching through the wire fencing to pick it up each day, she very kindly lays it just within reach, the only drawback is that Rosy wanders through the woods numerous times each day and she has just discovered this source of free food. 

 It's handy when you find a mid morning snack laid especially for you.
Now it's a race to the egg each day to see who wins me or Rosy ... and I have to admit that I have lost every single day this week :-(
Sue xx


  1. Looking at that face, I wouldn't mess with her, just let her have it. lol

  2. I hope she doesn't eat the shell, the consequences don't bear thinking about. She certainly has a "who me" expression as she licks her lips.

  3. I'd forget it Sue, just look at that face!
    Jane x

  4. The face of innocence, cute as a button.

  5. Well, at least it's fresh and not been hanging about for weeks!
    Oh but, that look on her face, the dog that got the cream (egg) LOL!

  6. lol, love the lip licking x

  7. Reading this did make me laugh xx I reckon it's a conspiracy between the two of them!

  8. Bless, was the photo taken after the snack?

  9. Ha! that dog :)

  10. Our hens started laying in our hay pile. Sometimes up high, but also on the ground and the dogs are on to it! We often miss out.....

  11. If a chicken can get out......surely a fox can get in ?

  12. Rosie's coat will be gleaming! At boarding school (I won't tell you how many decades ago!!) I used to steal an egg on the way down to feed my pony and it made his coat wonderfully glossy. As did a bit of linseed in the feed ... and molasses ... he was one spoilt pony. And I loved him beyond words.


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