Thursday 24 April 2014

Totally Touristy Day

Yesterday we had one of our totally touristy days,  showing our houseguest of this week Lovely Hubby's sister Alison part of our local area.
First a few hours looking round Conwy and it's castle.
Lots of climbing round stone staircases ...

 ...loving the shade of green that decorated the inside of the many towers,
popping in and out of doorways.
And reading up on what we were seeing.

Hanging over the castle walls to see all around us,
 and marvelling at gorgeous pockets of surviving history.

Many photos were taken and we had a brilliant time.
We didn't go in here as there was quite a queue and I've seen the inside of this sweet little house years ago.  Highly appropriate that years later I had the smallest shop in Cumbria :-)
We had a wonderful time and then topped off the day with another visit to Bodnant, to the craft centre, the garden centre and then the coffee shop followed by a quick look round the farm shop.
Sometimes it's nice to be tourists in your own area.
Sue xx


  1. Thanks for the legs aren't even tired!
    Jane x

  2. Wales isn't somewhere I have really been. am thinking I need to explore

  3. I absolutely LOVE castles. You can almost imagine what it must have been like living in them with the roaring fires, and thick walls. I also love Wales, I spent a lot of time on Anglesey as a child and Beaumaris Castle was one of my favourite places to go.

  4. Looks like you had a lovely day x

  5. I could get used to this tourist from my armchair thing, thank you x

  6. It's been yonks since I have been to Conwy, I expect a trip will be made soon.

  7. Oh my goodness Sue, my aunt's café backed onto Conwy key (and the smallest house). I used to spend all my summers either at her house or my nan's in Betws y Coed. It must be 30 years since I was up there (been gone 35 years from the UK). Talk about a blast from the past. Thank you so much for that trip down memory lane. Anna

  8. It has been years since we went to Conwy castle between 1985 & 90 when we lived in Buckley!

  9. Great photos!

    I remember taking my french penfriend to Conwy Castle (and to Bodnant) over 40 years ago! Don't remember the story about the monks and the illegal immigrants though!! I might have remembered the history of the castle better if there had been these kind of newpaper headlines when I was visiting.

  10. I'm glad you're making the most of your local area. It really does pay to take time out as a 'tourist' and see the sights. Of course, having visitors helps!
    Love that pic third up from the bottom. Very atmospheric.

  11. I agree sometimes its nice to be a tourist in your own area, you see things with fresh eyes. I enjoyed walking around Conwy where I was there a few years back, don't know when I will be up in North Wales again,


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