Monday 14 April 2014

Planting Again

The fruit trees we planted last weekend are doing well.  As you can see the Cherry trees are in full blossom and it's been lovely to see the odd bee buzzing around them.
This Friday saw us planning the hedge planting.
We had decided that Laurel hedging would be the best, interspersed every now and then with an Olearia, for a splash of colour.  This gets tiny white daisy like flowers in June and July so should look lovely and fresh.  We laid the plants on the ground to get an even spacing .....

... and then went along digging holes, filling them first with water and then with the Laurels.

There are a couple of gaps as we are waiting for two more Olearias to be delivered.
Behind the Laurel hedging we planted five more trees, three Whitebeam, which have white flowers in May and then fiery orange berries in Autumn, and two Rowan or Mountain Ash, which have dark green leaves which then turn purple, and then have deep rose coloured berries in the Autumn.
So hopefully we should head into Winter with a blaze of colour along the fence.
All these have been planted with the intention of slightly hiding the polytunnel from view or at the very least masking it in a lovely display of leaves, flowers and berries.

Then we planted four more Laurels on the near side of the fence just to balance things out.

And then a few more were placed in gaps in the hedge that is near Chicken World.
And then on Saturday we called in the big boys!!
Sue xx


  1. It will look lovely when it's established!The birds will love the berries too!
    Jane x

    1. That's the plan ... with the berries I mean. Anything that isn't edible for us has to benefit the wildlife and then in a round about way benefit us. So berries for birds, flowers for bees etc. :-)

  2. We are still a little behind you with our blossom, even though we are only 20 miles away

    1. I think we are in a very good spot here, we get the sun n the hillside virtually all day, when it's not raining of course ;-)

  3. Wow you are busy bees. I can envisage your space in a couple of years.........I hope you will carry on blogging so that we can see the changes :)

  4. Did you tell us what happened to mum sheep and lamb, or did I miss it?

  5. Our cherries and pears are in flower now and most of the plums are already set. Just waiting for the apples. Don't you just love spring?!

  6. Sounds like you have been so busy - I have a Rowan tree in my garden and it is beautiful, I love it.

  7. You are really transforming your space. What a lot of lovely trees. We won't recognise it next year


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