Friday 18 April 2014

Living Below the Line - Version One

Cornflakes 31p
There are many variations on doing Live Below the Line, and over the course of the next few days I am hoping to inspire you and show some different menus that would keep you fed if you decide to give it a go for yourself this year. 
Some people go for as much food as they can possibly buy with their money.  Some try to buy all fresh ingredients, some all convenience foods.  Some simply turn up at a supermarket and see what's available, while others sit and plan and go armed with a list of essentials and a back up list in case some of them aren't available. 
There's no wrong way or right way, each and everyone that signs up to do this challenging Challenge does it because they want to highlight the terrible poverty that is still rife in the world today.  Both in other countries and right here on our own doorstep.

1 litre UHT Milk 57p

100g Coffee 50p
6 Pitta Breads 22p

Mixed Salad 90p
400g Mayo

2 x Pasta Shapes 35p each = 70p

2 x Pasta Sauce 50p each = £1

6 Chocolate Mousses 40p
I call this one my 'Standard Day Menu'.  Cereal and milk for breakfast with a couple of cups of coffee.  A Pitta bread 'sandwich' with salad and mayo for lunch and then Pasta and Sauce for tea with a Mousse for dessert, or for a snack if you are feeling peckish at some other time in the day.
These food items come to exactly £5.
*** *** *** *** ***
It's so much easier if you decide to eat the same meals for breakfast each day, for lunch and for tea.  I'm sure the people who we are trying to raise money for would love to eat three times a day as often as we do.
I'm posting about Live Below the Line just over a week before it officially starts to try and encourage some of you to join me and give it a go this year when it starts properly on Monday 28th April until Friday 2nd June.  If you don't fancy having a go at this Challenge yourself and Blogging about it, please can you spare a few minutes to nip over to my fundraising page and donate a little bit of cash.  Lovely Hubby has started me off with a magnificent amount. Thank you :-)
It's easy to donate via the PayPal button  and I really don't expect you to give much.  If everyone who reads the Blog just donated 50p we would raise a wonderful amount.  This year I am raising money for a smaller charity 'Send a Cow', they literally send cows, chickens, tools and seeds to families that desperately need them to turn their lives around.  It starts a chain of help too as the first born female calf of their cow gets passed to another family and so on.
And another brilliant thing for every pound raised by 'Send a Cow between 1st April and 30th June  the UK government will match it pound for pound, thereby doubling our efforts.
Are you already planning to take part in this years Live Below the Line challenge?
Back tomorrow with an alternative menu.
Sue xx





  1. What a great thing to do. It is always amazing exactly how little and how much peoples spend on food. My in laws do this ever year and give the extra they would have spent on food to charity.

    X x

  2. I've donated but not very much I'm afraid so I hope it's ok xx

    1. It is wonderful. Every penny counts and you've donated lots of them. Thank you. xx

  3. Wonderful cause. I've donated :-)

  4. Count me in too Sue. Good luck. Not sure how Live Below the Line would work over here - certainly not £5 but I wish you all the best. Well done Anna


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