Monday, 21 April 2014

Live Below the Line - Version Four

Fruit Yogurts 2x4 at 33p = 66p
I call this one the 'No Cook' Live Below the Line.
The only thing you will have to do all week is to make coffee and warm up a can of soup each day.
How easy is that!!
Pork Pies - 4 for 85p
12 bags for crisps for 70p
Breakfast is coffee and a yogurt or two.
Lunch will be a pork pie and a bag of crisps (or two)
One day in the week it will have to be a Crisp Pitta bread for lunch, as you only get 4 pork pies in a pack, but I like a crisp butty occasionally, it would be a bit dry with no butter but you could use a smear of your teatime soup to moisten things a little :-)


Soup 25p a can x 5 = £1.25
 - choose a combination of your favourite from Chicken, Tomato and Vegetable.
6 Pitta Breads for 22p
And your tea is a can of soup with a pitta bread, either as it is or toasted to dunk into your soup.
100g Coffee for 50p
2 packs of biscuits at 35p each = 70p
And you can pad out the day with coffee and biscuits to keep your tummy from rumbling too loudly.

1 banana 10p
There's even enough left in the kitty for a banana, in case you start missing your fruit too much, I know I would be by this stage.
With a whole 2p left over - you've cracked it again.
*** *** *** *** ***
Are you feeling inspired yet?
Do my choices make you think you can do better?
I bet you can!!  Do you fancy giving it a go this year and raising awareness of poverty all over the world, including in this country.  Never have our food banks been more used.  Never has there been such a huge increase in food prices with wages staying at or around the same level. 
If nothing else taking part in the Live Below the Line Challenge can only open your eyes to the foods that we take for granted each and every day.  The sheer abundance of foods available for those that have the money to buy anything they want to.
What IS Live Below the Line ??
Read all about the Challenge HERE
Come back tomorrow for my final inspirational five days worth of foods that YOU could buy with your £5.
Sue xx


  1. I think I would prefer to skip the pork pies and tins of soup biscuits and crisps and coffee for potatoes, veg and fruit and tins of beans, it is cheaper to make soup than to buy tinned potatoes are a good filling food I love baked potoes or even mashed, coffee and biscuits I can easily live without, a 4pt of milk for a £1 is much better.
    Good on you for trying this but the lack of fresh food would be really hard and I think in the long run not good.
    Yesterday I got a box of fruit veg from the farm shop for a £1 enough to make a couple of meals from.

    1. These are NOT the foods that I am eating for my Live Below the Line, these posts are designed to show people what they COULD buy if that's what they fancy, what IS available at a low cost, and it shows that you don't HAVE to spend all week cooking to do the Challenge!!

      Fresh potatoes are very expensive at the moment and five large ones so you could have one each day for baking purposes would be possibly outside the money available and then they would need some kind of topping .... a bit of butter at the very least to make them tasty, which would most definitely be too expensive that is if you wanted to eat another meal that day.

      And not everyone has a farm shop that sells a full box of fruit and veg for £1 near them, I don't and I live in the countryside!

  2. Hi Sue, I love these Below the Line ideas you've been sharing. So useful for anyone contemplating the challenge and a good reference for those on a budget. Great for feeding hungry boys in the holidays too. Thanks for sharing xo

  3. sorry I misunderstood I thought that was your planned meals for the week, I can see your point that this is a cheap way to eat, another cheap breakfast could be porridge oats, very filling too.

  4. Wish more people thought of the extreme poverty so many are living in. Every Norwegian throws away aprox 50 kg of food every year! It is just not right. Pam


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