Tuesday 1 April 2014


For a while now we've toyed with real minimalism and have been on a journey to de-clutter our lives gradually sorting and selling things at car boot sales, turning unwanted possessions into cash to put towards our mortgage.
At last we've finally finished de-cluttering the spare room.  We decided that we didn't need the spare bed, it's only been slept in a couple of times and most of our guests would be happy to unroll a sleeping bag and get themselves cosy on the floor with cushions.
It's lovely to step into the room now and see the space, to breathe the clear air.  After all there's nothing for dust to settle on, a quick whizz round with the vacuum cleaner once a week is all it takes to keep this room sparkling clean.
Looking at the picture I'm thinking maybe the curtains are still cluttering the space a bit ..... I'll have to have a think about them, maybe a plain roller blind ... or even just the sparkling glass of a perfectly clean window.

I forgot to add a picture ..... pop back I'll add it later !!

Here is it :-) 
Sue xx


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  2. I'm finding that as I get older, I want to be clutter free. It's just more stuff to dust and vacuum around! I can't bear ornaments (think that comes from having to do the dusting as a child and our house was full or ornaments and brass). Increasingly, I like space. We have hundreds and hundreds of books in our house but I don't mind those. As long as things have 'a use' or 'might come in handy in the future' they can stay.

  3. We have a queen blow up mattress that is very comfortable and takes only minutes to inflate once plugged in. When its not in use it rolls up into something the size of a large sleeping bag and get put in a cupboard. I bought on Ebay. What are you going to use this room for. A boarder perhaps? Another income stream.

  4. 1st April methinks and posted before 12 noon too. Very clever ;)

  5. Hmmm......very good, Sue (naughty girl! lol) Somehow, I can't see you making your Mum sleep on the floor!

  6. I wish we had a spare room which could be all white and minimalist. It's so peaceful and the less that is in a room the more possibilities it has. Alas - we are collectors so no lovely bare room for us. x

  7. I believed You!!! Thought you were mad!! But you got me, then I noticed "fun" category at the bottom!!! Still smiling !! Sending you a hug Karan xxx

    1. Gotcha :-)

      Hope everything's fine in your world, I'll be in touch soon with the dates I'm in Thatcham and we'll see if we can get together. Take care. xx

  8. Ha ha, you got me. I thought, what the? Until I saw that cute little pug, awww, how cute is he?

  9. You almost had me - it was the bit about the curtains that gave it away! It is nice to declutter a room though but taking it that far you would have to question whether or not you needed an extra room at all if you had nothing to put in it. I would quite like an empty room like that to practice Yoga in.

  10. Good one!

    Loving the cheeky pug.

    X x

  11. Ha! I love that room as it is though...lol :)

  12. How fun of you!
    I actually did this for serious several years ago: We bought an old bank building to put my quilt and needlework shop in and it needed major renovation. Renovation messes make me twitchy, so I took the very back room of the building and painted it all up, then left it totally empty. It gave me a place to go and think calming thoughts when ever the rubbish piles started getting to me (twice daily on some days):-)
    Poor pup, looks a bit put out!

  13. If it was real I would do yoga or something in there. such space is a luxury isn't it


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