Friday 11 April 2014

Sometimes ....

Sometimes it pays to wait!!

I've been wanting this jumper for months.  It's from Cotton Traders and I've seen it hanging in the outlet in the motorway services every time we pull over for a coffee and in the garden centres when we visit the ones with outlets and cafes. Just hanging there saying 'buy me, buy me'.
I was good I resisted :-)
Well this week I went to the garden centre in Altrincham with Mum and guess what there it was again!  Just three of them left .... one very small, one very large and one just the right size .... my size and it was reduced to £18.  So channelling my inner Goldilocks I decided it was fate and bought it with a big smile on my face.

Then on the way out there was a big bookcase full of books donated for charity.  Help yourself said the sign and please pop £1 in the donation box for every book you take.  I have wanted this book since the day it came out but knowing I had such a backlog of fiction books waiting to be read I had resisted and then there it was.  My £1 was popped in before you could say 'would you like it'.
And how highly appropriate that on the day I tell you about this I can offer my sincere condolences to the family of the wonderful Sue Townsend who has just died.  She brought much joy and entertainment to so many with her marvellous books, including the wonderfully hilarious Diaries of Adrian Mole.  Taken from us much too soon.
RIP Sue Townsend.
Sue xx


  1. Love your sweater - well done getting a bargain on something you really wanted. I've been taking care of someone's house and garden recently and they brought me the most beautiful scarf in my favourite colours to say thanks. I hardly ever buy new items of clothing and when I do, it's because I need clothes, so I was so chuffed to receive this. I've read reviews about the book you bought - I would like to read it too and would have picked it up if I'd seen it. Let me know what's it's like. I loved Adrian Mole too x

  2. Love the new jumper Sue. I purchased the book when it first came out. It's an ok read had hoped for it to be more then that tbh. Let us know what you think. X

  3. must be karma with the sweater. . .isn't it just lovely when that happens?
    My nana always used to say in her best Yiddish (which I have no idea how to spell) " wear it ga zinta hade" which I think roughly translated means wear it with good health xx

  4. Really sad news this morning of Sue Townsend's death. I read this book a couple of weeks ago. Like you, I got it second hand. It is funny and absurd and thought provoking and I loved it. It is definitely a keeper for me.

  5. Somethings are just meant to be, maybe you should buy a scratch card if your on a lucky streak lol (I don't gamble by the way) x

  6. Tried the book, just didn't get on with it, though loved Adrian Mole. Sad news about Sue Townsend, there can't be many people who've not read one of her books. Nice sweater - handy that you waited. Think how annoying it would have been if you'd paid full price and then seen it reduced!

  7. Great bargain. Sad about Sue's death - a treasured Leicester citizen. One of my friends knew her in a professional capacity and said she was a lovely lady.

  8. I read one of the Adrian Mole books on a train journey..I was laughing so hard I got some really strange looks from the other passengers.
    Jane x

  9. Serendipity springs to mind. I hope you enjoy your new jumper and Sue Townsend book - I agree, a great loss. Happy weekend xo

  10. Two really good bargains! Enjoy them both.

    Sue Townsend has cheered us all up for decades now and she always seemed a thoughtful and genuine person, as well as being a very funny writer. I was very sorry to hear that she had died.


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