Tuesday 22 April 2014

Live Below the Line - Version Five

100g Coffee 50p
Rich Tea Biscuits - 25p
Start your day with a couple of biscuits and a cup of coffee.
Lemon Curd 2 x 22p = 44p

Brown Bread  - 50p
(or you could have white bread for the same price)
Toast with Lemon Curd for lunch.
You'll be able to have 4 slices a day and lots of lemon curd with the two full jars spread out over the week :-)
Lager £1 for 4 cans x 2 - £2
Forget tea go straight to the alcohol ....

2 litres of Lemonade 17p
... making it go further with a good glug of lemonade.
Chocolate 30p
(also available as milk or dark chocolate)
When you get the alcoholic nibbles a square or two of chocolate should help.
And if you feel really guilty by the end of the week there's enough room in the budget for one whole
Banana  (at just 10p).
Total spend for this Live Below the Line weeks shopping is £4.96.
*** *** *** *** ***
This one is a bit tongue in cheek, but who knew that you could get Lager for 25p a can.  So in the interests of research I actually bought some last weekend and we had a couple of lager shandys after working outside all day.  It is very weak but tastes really nice.  Ideal for when a long cool and slightly alcoholic drink is called for (it is just 2%) on a hot sunny day.
So looking at this shopping list it just goes to show that you can do the Live Below the Line Challenge YOUR way, whatever way that might be.  The first year I did it I heard of a student that simply bought 5 huge Mars bars and a multipack of cans of Cola and that was it ... for the entire five days.  I wouldn't recommend that but it was his choice.
What would your choice be?
If you are going to be taking part in Live Below the Line this year, which starts on 28th April and runs up to and including 2nd May let me know, and if you're blogging about it I'll link to your Blog to pass on the inspiration and encouragement for others.
Back tomorrow with a definitely non-foody post.  We got a yard full of men!!
Sue xx



  1. Sounds absolutely delicious!! Albeit, not all the nutritious!

  2. I did this last year and found it a good challenge, the money that I did not spend filled several bags for the food bank. This year the timing is wrong for me, I am busy eating out of the freezers getting ready to move. I will possibly try it once I am moved in and unpacked, I am sure that I will find a food bank near me in Wales. Mine will be a repeat of last year, porridge made with water for breakfast, toast and peanut butter for lunch and veg soup for dinner.

  3. Wow - you can get cheap food there. I guess pasta would be the cheapest thing here, a big lot with tomato and garlic, some cheap toast and some cheap veg soup, and oats for porridge for breakfast. Our basics range is at least twice the price and you sure get some cheap bananas.

    Julie, NZ

    1. They actually seem to be our cheapest fruit at the moment, I was amazed to find that they average out at around 10p each !!

  4. I've enjoyed seeing your ideas - specially the one with "permission" to eat a pork pie every day!

    1. Haha .... it would be very naughty wouldn't it :-)

  5. Your ideas are inspiring. Not sure about the nutritive content of this one though! lol. Re tomorrow - surely a yard full of men dictates feeding them all day long... :-) x

  6. I wondered where on earth you were going with this one! Haha, got me ;)


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