Thursday, 1 May 2014

Live Below the Line - Day Four

My best friend during Live Below the Line week has been my scales. 
Checking the weights of everything that I have cooked to make sure that the food I had planned for the week would actually last for the full five days and not leave me hungry and scrabbling around for food I simply didn't have, or even worse lead me into temptation and into raiding the main food cupboards for something to fill me up and thus giving me a guilty conscience.
I didn't split my veggies like Jack, I left mine as a mixed bag ....

It was Veggie Curry and rice for lunch today .... I'll spare you yet another photo of peanut butter on toast for breakfast ...  I bet you're getting as sick of seeing it as I am of eating it.  It'll be while before I'm tempted to that particular breakfast again!!

I did pull out some of the broccoli pieces from the veggie bag to go in my return visit to fishy pasta.  Definitely the 'Dish of the Week' taste wise.
I'm really glad I bought the bag of Frozen Mixed Veg, although it's mostly carrots it's really good to know that I have a whole kilo of veggies in my diet for the five days of the challenge.  The Tikka Masala sauce for just 20p as well is so much better than the pasta sauce, I'll definitely be buying that one again.
Not a bad Day Four, the Sparkling Water is just about lasting too, I've been rationing it out, treating it like an evening glass of wine, actually drinking it in my wine glass with lots of ice.
Thank you so much for all your wonderful donations.
HERE is the link to  my fundraising page, it's the final couple of days now, I wonder if pound by pound I can creep up to get nearer to my target of £400.  It would just take 102 of you donating £1 or 204 of you donating 50p ..... every penny counts. 
Thank You.
Back tomorrow with my final days food for Live Below the Line, and then it will be back to normal living in the country ... which will come to a huge relief to my brother ... he hates my foodie posts :-)
Sue xx


  1. youve just given me a good idea for a meal - vegetable curry with frozen veg! never thought of that before! (duh)
    I am enjoying this series of yours.

    1. It's something I've always done and is great for using up the dregs of the bags of frozen veggies lurking in the freezer. An added potato cut into cubes makes it even nicer :-)

      Such a simple meal, a jar of curry sauce and all your bits and bobs of veg, less than 15 mins from cupboard and freezer to plate.

  2. I've just donated so you're a wee bit closer to your target. I wouldn't be able to take on this challenge due to dietary problems but I really admire you for doing this. It makes me appreciate that, even when I think money is tight and I'm having to cut back on the food bill, we still eat very very well. Like many people, we've had spells of having to live below the poverty line, often eating food with little nutrition value and tasting bland. We lived without a cooker for a long time at one stage. My husband would happily live on peanut butter on toast by the way!!! Let's hope that you can reach your target in the last few days of your challenge x

    1. Thank you so much Sue. I'm creeping closer and closer to the increased target thanks to all my lovely readers.

      I think once you've lived with little it teaches you so much and really sets you up for later life, but at the time it's terribly soul destroying.

  3. Well done on the challenge and your amount raised. You should be proud of the amount you have reached.

    X x

    1. Thank you, and I'm just as proud of each and every reader, family member and friend that has donated to my fundraising page. What a wonderful lot you are :-)

  4. Well done Sue! I hope you reach your target x


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