Thursday 29 May 2014

There's a Moose Loose Aboot the Hoose

There's definitely a mouse in the house (to put it in a slightly more English way), the dogs are going potty, well I say dogs but it's just Rosy really.

Suky would quite happily live with a mouse, as long as it shared it food with her occasionally.

As it is she follows Rosy from one side of the room to the other over and over again, not really knowing what she's supposed to be looking for or actually doing.  After a while she comes back and follows me round again or sits at my feet while I work,  to her it makes much more sense after all Mum doesn't spend half the morning barking at the cupboard door that hides the washing machine!!
By the way mice don't bother me in the slightest, so it's no big deal, as long as it doesn't chew through any wires.  One day in the not too distant future it will either make a bolt for freedom and get back out the way it came in, or end up as a tasty snack for Rosy or Ginger.  Poor little thing, I hope it's the former rather than the latter..
Sue xx


  1. Oh my. Not a huge mouse fan but they are much better than rats. Part and parcel of living in the country aren't they.

    X x

  2. Never had the little blighter's in the house but I do spot them in the garden. My mum used to get them in her house quite often a few years back!

  3. It would have to be a moose with a death wish at ours, five moggies and four dogs, we often find beheaded beasties on the drive or doorstep. If they are indeed "love gifts" I would much prefer flowers but wouldn't dream of hurting their feelings x

  4. I don't know your dogs, but Rosie's personality I totally understand and love (my Jake is a JRT).

    But Suky is the beatenest, cutest little dog. :) Just look at her in the photos following Rosie, what an absolute sweetheart! Please give them a big hug from me. :)

    I hope little mousey get away, but I fear for the worst with ginger n Rosie Bless em. Xx

  5. We get them too, and the girls drive me mad with their squealing, so I have to do something pro-active about it....when we hear them moving around and catch a glimpse out of the corner of the eye, it's time to move them on!

  6. we often get a mouse or two in our farmhouse which I can live with but when they bring all their relatives in I draw the line!! Mind you with a Jack Russel and a Jack Russel/spaniel in the house they get a lot of ear ache. Su

  7. I guess Ginger thought the household needed a bit of entertainment.......?
    When I saw the post title, it brought back recent memories of various people and animals trying to catch a 'Moose loose aboot this hoose'! In the end, I accidentally trod on it! Poor moose!

  8. My dogs were going crazy today trying to get behind the rabbit hutch. So I suspect there is a mouse there. I have tried to look but the gap is so tiny. I hope tonight it finds it's way out. Or I will have another day of the dogs barking.

  9. Mice don't bother me in the house - only when Frankie presents one proudly at three am !

  10. Suky is obviously the ideal partner in crime :)

    Only problem with mice in the house - is that they are totally incontinent. If they have access to your food preparation surfaces, they could (and will) be leaving a trail of diseases... Rather prevent them from being inside at all.

  11. The joys of living in the country! I've used a humane mouse trap which I borrowed from a friend and actually caught two live mice like that. You just have to keep checking very regularly so they don't suffer once trapped as there isn't much room inside for them. Son was banned from storing conkers in the garage after that as the mice were coming in to eat them. When we were gardening last weekend, I saw a beautiful brown mouse going in and then back out of the shed but there's no nest in there. OH was all for setting traps etc but I told him it wasn't bothering anyone. Now rats, they are a different ball game. When they moved in with us, they really had to go! They were causing a huge amount of damage and were very very noisy. And they multiply rapidly. Even our dogs weren't able to catch them. Can't say I was afraid of them, more concerned about all the gnawing they were doing - right through skirting boards, vents in the wall, plastic bins containing dog food etc. I was getting worried about the wiring.

  12. I completely sympathise. I am having the same problem. Luckily I found out how it was managing to get onto the work surfaces so I stuffed the hole and the gap by the side of the work surface with tin foil. Apparently mice don't like chewing through tin foil so I thought it would be a good idea. It seems to have worked. I don't mind them really I just don't like them in the kitchen. It's all part of living in the countryside. Another tip is to plug up any holes to the inside where mice could get in, like around pipes and things, with wire wool. It has the same effect as tin foil, the mice don't like it and won't chew through it.

  13. How refreshing to find someone who is not intent on killing the poor little thing. Lets hope it finds its way out.


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