Monday, 5 May 2014


Although at times the side of our house has resembled a car park .....

... it's all been worth it in the end.

Just look at our huge stack of planked wood.  It weighs a ton (well actually well over a ton) and is sat neatly on the pallet base made by Lovely Hubby that will allow the air to circulate and keep all the planks nice and straight while they dry out over the next few years.
Three sides and a roof will be built over it in the next couple of weeks to keep the rain off but to allow the air to circulate all around.
Phew..... that's one more job out of the way, now it's just a matter of moving all the branches and logs to the back of the shed and shovelling up a few barrow loads of sawdust and chippings.
Not a thing will be wasted from our beautiful old oak.
Sue xx


  1. Brilliant! It will be worth so much.

  2. Ooh, all that lovely produce from one lovely Oak tree!

  3. We worked hard in our garden yesterday and today more of the same. It's great isn't it to press on and improve and change things.

    Jean x

  4. Are you going to keep them & have some furniture made or will you sell some? One of them would make a fabulous dining table.

  5. I think it looks like a giant game of Jenga!


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