Wednesday 7 May 2014

Our Own Bluebell Woods

I've been meaning to take the camera out with me on our early morning doggy perambulation round the paddock for the last few days ... and this morning I remembered.  The Bluebells have been in full bloom for a couple of weeks now giving the whole woodland a wonderful blue tinge.
Walking towards the end of the paddock you start to see through the gap on the trees the vast carpet of blue flowers.

As you get closer the individual plants appear before your eyes.

We don't walk through this part of the woodland at all as it is very steep.  We have been that way on a couple of occasions, once when we first came to view the property and then again to check things over when we first moved in, but it is nice to leave nature completely untouched if you are able to just so you get to see what things get up to unaided and unhampered by a human touch.

Walking back towards the house whole vistas of Bluebells open up before your eyes n the gaps between the trees.  This part of the woodland is more accessible but we have been busy doing things in the paddock and around the house so no foot has broached the area recently to squash these beautiful flowers.

They spread themselves each year and this year for the first time they are appearing in the paddock.  Bending down to get a photo ....

... made Ginger, the cat come over to see what it was I was watching. 
He joins in on virtually all our doggy walks these days.  Lolloping around the paddock, and into and out of the woodland as he shows off his graceful feline skills to the dogs.  There's been a few double takes as car drivers and coachloads of tourists see me walking with two dogs and a cat.
He's taken to sleeping curled up with Suky this last few nights, they look so cute together but every attempt at a photo has been thwarted by his sharp ears hearing me coming, making him jump out of bed to lead me to the stack of tuna tins that he knows provide the most tasty breakfast.

"I'm as beautiful as a flower aren't I Mum."
Sue xx


  1. Really lovely, is the woodland yours and if so what are you long term plans for it, it is great to have an area that is left to nature.

  2. I think the title of the post answers your question :-)

    Yes all the woodland is ours, of our 5 acres about a third is unspoilt woodland. Our long term plans are to gradually coppice and tidy the parts nearer the house, using the wood for the log burner and establish some woodland paths to make things a bit safer. The far side will eventually be home to rare breed pigs, when we get back into breeding them when LH retires from is day job.

    We have made soooo many plans for everything we are doing.

  3. It is beautiful! You must enjoy very relaxing walks

  4. Ha Ha our cat . Dixie, likes to walk around our paddock with us too. Fortunately she doesn't follow us when we go out onto the road. You are so right, they are much more graceful and agile than the dogs ... and don't they know it!?

  5. Our ginger cat goes with us for the night walk which is along the road, we have large grass verges.never tries to cross the road r follow on the other walks.

  6. How wonderful to have your own bluebell woods to walk in!

  7. Ah Ginger is so sweet. Cats have a way of making you laugh even if they are just looking at what you are doing. My cat Pendragon was watching me through our back french windows yesterday when I was painting the garden furniture.

    Jean x

  8. We had a cat named Bell who followed us on dog walks ... to the bluebell woods !

  9. Ginger has such a striking face.

  10. Your mist of bluebells among the trees is beautiful. I can imagine the scent as you walk past them.

  11. Have you seen the bluebell groves at Bodnant?


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