Monday 19 May 2014

It's the Itchy and Scratchy Show

In our house at the moment, well for Lovely Hubby at least, it's the Itchy and Scratchy Show.
For those of you who have never seen the Simpsons, it's Bart's favourite cartoon show and is on their television all the time, a modern version of our old beloved Tom and Jerry, now not shown in case in incites violence in children!!
It really has nothing to do with being itchy or scratchy ......
My big strong man went out to strim the nettles wearing only his safety helmet and a short sleeved T shirt (well he did have trousers on and wellies but you know what I mean).  Two hours later his arms and neck were a red and weeping mess of itchy and scratchiness.
Both pictures courtesy of Google Images.
After a weekend spent slathering himself with creams and ointments and soaking in soothing cream filled baths he's almost got it under control. 
His bee keeping course went really well and he's now totally inspired to get a couple of hives of his own once he is here all the time.  He has lots of reading to do and contacts to make but it will be all systems go for our own honey for the future, one more thing ticked off our self sufficient list.
And talking of self sufficiency .... I guess I better not suggest Nettle Soup for lunch today, somehow I don't think he would see the funny side ;-)
Sue xx


  1. All I can say is ouch!
    isn't there some theory about eating honey from your own area gets rid of allergies or builds up tolerance or something like that. perhaps eating nettle soup would build up tolerance to nettle stings?

    1. I won't suggest it to him at the moment ;-)

  2. Ooooooh, that's horrid.
    Shove.Sun. Don't .Shine. comes to mind if you mention N. soup!
    Jane x

  3. Oh Suffolk Sue your just naughty lol. I've never tried nettle soup is it any good?

  4. I pulled up loads of nettles of our field. I wore gloves but the nettles still got my arms. Very sore for a couple of days.

  5. Ouch that sounds painful!

  6. I think I'm immune to nettle stings now there's so many in my garden! What type of hive will your husband go for? I'm looking at making some top bar hive for next year for here.

  7. Oh dear, that's a lesson learnt the hard way!

  8. You are naughty, nettle soup! I suppose it will teach him to cover his arms, I bet the nettles were flying everywhere.

  9. Ouch, I feel his pain. As a kid I fell down a bank full of them and I still remember the pain. Hope he's on the mend now.

    My father and mother in law have hives, about 8 now I think. They produce the most tasty honey and I'm not a honey fan but I do like this.

    X x

  10. It always feels good to go running through the gorse after you've been in the nettles. i know Itchy and Scratchy well.


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