Thursday 15 May 2014

Playing Shamelessly to the Crowd

Today the sun is shining and all is well on our little piece of Welsh hillside.  The chickens are basking in the warmth and have themselves draped all over Chicken World (not at all like this empty shot of it).  They looked like lots of little corpses, so much so that when a coach came to a halt directly opposite them (there were surveyors in the road measuring) I decided before the townies returned home thinking that we were displaying dead chickens on a tourist route I would go and wake them up.
So I grabbed Lovely Hubbys grapes from the fridge and went to throw them to the chickens.  Virtually everyone on the coach already had their cameras trained on Chicken World and lots of manic snapping started as the chickens leapt up and ran over to Mum to get a grape.
I played shamelessly to the crowd ..... John Gray would be proud!!
" The things we have to do to entertain the crowds."
What were the surveyors doing ..... hopefully getting ready for the proposed road move, fingers crossed it goes ahead.  It means we will live on virtually a private road instead of a main through route and will take out two very dangerous corners.  The test beds have been in place for a couple of years now and all the signs are at last hopeful.  Apart from anything else it will add a lot of value to our house to be back in the peace and quiet away from the main road, and will help our future plans no end.
*** *** ***
My thoughts and prayers go out to the coach party involved in the terrible crash yesterday in Cornwall, especially to the family and friends of the two ladies that died. 
 My lovely Mum goes on coach outings and holidays with a great group of pensioners on a regular basis, and on one I joined her.  The atmosphere on these trips is amazing with a real camaraderie and sense of fun. Enjoyment at revisiting places seen before and delight at discovering parts of their country they have never seen before. 
I can imagine only too well the horror they all went through yesterday and hope that they can recover enough from the terrible shock to continue with their outings together.
Sue xx


  1. I'm sure you gave them quite a show. Yes, it was very sad to read about the crash.

  2. I bet they loved seeing the chucks enjoying a grape or two.

    Such sad news about the crash.

    X x

  3. The mad chicken'll be on the itinerary now.
    Jane x

  4. You could offer afternoon teas with home baking using the fresh eggs if it becomes a regular stop for the tourists!

  5. Fingers and toes crossed for you. It would be great to live off a private road with hardly any traffic. Our street suddenly looks like a car park as some of the kids have passed their test lately so some houses have now become a four car house!!! Eeek

  6. Some people will do anything for attention!!


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