Saturday 3 May 2014

Buzz, Buzz, Chop. Chop

Buzz, buzz, chop, chop the noises our hillside is ringing with at the moment.
The grand old oak is finally being sliced up and the wood removed to the back of the sheds to season outdoors for a while before being moved to the dry of the workshop once it is built.
One tree, four guys and two days of none stop labour including Lovely Hubby's help to carry the huge pieces of wood ...

... each full slice three inches thick and six foot long ...

onto the pallet base that Lovely Hubby made ...

... at the rear of the big shed.

Branches, logs and sticks are being stacked nearby ready for burning in a couple of years.
They reckon it will take a minimum of three years for the slices to season properly before they can be used for furniture making.  It's beautiful wood.
Well it was a beautiful tree it should be.
Sue xx


  1. It's a great shame when a tree falls, but this one will live on in the furniture hubby will make, plus the smell of wood burning is just divine, so nothing can get wasted.

  2. It's great that it's being used in with your retirement plans though. Do you have any pictures of the grain that we could possibly see Sue?

    Have a lovely Bank Holiday weekend Sue. Hope the sun shines there.

  3. It's great to see the wood being stored for future use. I hope it seasons well.

  4. It really is becoming the good life, isn't it?

  5. The slices of wood are amazing. You don't really thing about how it's sliced and stored do you? I hope it carries on being loved for many years to come whatever it ends up being x

  6. How exciting furniture made from your own wood.x

  7. I can really see how big that tree is now!
    Jane x

  8. Love the wood! Just had a wee look and noticed that you've exceeded your fund raising target. Yay !!!! Excellent! x

  9. So nice to have a project that will 'physically' link you to your land.

    Jean x

  10. What a great project to have started in you lovely forever home x

  11. This is easily one of the best investments that a smallholder can make. That oak will be worth loads in the future, shame its not a little longer as you will loose some at the end to splits. Have you sealed the ends at all?


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