Sunday 15 July 2012

Tyres, nets and teeny tiny planes!!

Tyres, something we love here on the farm,  and at our last place, in fact we brought them all with us from there!  Here is one full of Chives, I do think it looks so pretty.

The latest idea is  a goose pond. 

 Geese do not need a large body of water to be happy, a washing up bowl is enough to make their day.  So a bowl in a tyre stops it being overturned everytime they hop in and out.  There's enough room for them to sit in it if they feel the urge, but mainly geese just like to preen their feathers by throwing water over their heads.

Our trees are staying in the tyres for the duration of our stay here, to keep them more transportable for the next move.  Plants and trees love the tyres, there is good drainage, and also warmth that is gathered from the sun by the rubber.....

... as one of our little four legged friends has discovered.  Archie spent all day yesterday curled up in his tyre.

This week, after the vicious deer attack on my lettuces (well they nibbled them to death.....what a way to go!!) I decided to put back the net cloches.  As the lettuces were the 'cut and come again' variety I am hoping that by leaving the roots and stumps in situ I may get some regrowth.  In the gaps where some plants were torn from the ground I have planted other crops, Broccoli, Curly Kale and some Cauliflowers, hopefully they will be safe under their nets.

My packing is almost finished, I do indeed travel light, we are allowed 20kg each including all hand luggage  and at the moment we are up to less than 15kg between us and we are virtually finished...... not bad going. 

We have just done the online booking and were able to choose our seats on the plane.  Lovely Hubby forgot to tell me that the plane was a 19 seater.......ooh...I've never been on a little plane before...exciting stuff.

There will be no proper blogging next week, I'm having a whole week off, but I'm treating you to little pop up thoughty/jokey things all week instead.

See you all in a week. Have a good one yourselves, and in the unlikely chance that I find any sunshine I will bring it back with me!!

Sue xx


  1. Have a lovely time :)

  2. Enjoy your week!!

    I love what you did with the tires--I love making use of something that some feel doesn't have any use left!

  3. My curly Kale was eaten completely - no sign whatsoever of anything remaining. This was planted as little seedlings about 3" tall, from tiny plugs and planted in a container.

    I loved flying in a little plane, I went in one to Ireland. Was rather like winding up the thing with an elastic band. I'm sure you will love it.

    Have a wonderful holiday.


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