Tuesday 31 July 2012

Harry Larry and Mo ... and a little advice from Amelia

Harry, Larry and Mo the Chinese Grey goslings are getting big now, they don't even sleep with Mum anymore, she's got completely fed up with them not walking up the steep ramp into the henhouse at night.  They sit outside the house each night until we go out and gently herd them towards the Goose Hoose (Lovely Hubby is Scottish and the nickname for the house has stuck).

They don't mind sleeping alone, they just seem to need to be escorted there!!

It's very hard to get a photo of them, they stay close together usually but tend to stretch and march in all directions.

They are tall and long now, tall enough to be already watching for danger to keep their chickeny friends safe.  They get on really well with all the chickens, after all they think they are chickens!!

They like our company but don't like to be cuddled, if you pick them up for too long they will poo on you, and goose poo is not like chicken poo as my jeans can testify!!

Getting them to pose for photos is virtually impossible, so I had a word with Amelia the Amber Star...

 ..."this is how you do" it she said .......

"oh...like this" ..... says Harry ....

"should I honk for effect ......

.... or just  look Mum straight in the eye?"

*** *** ***

They've been a wonderful addition to the smallholding, teaching us so much with their funny goosy ways.   Although their names are Harry, Larry and Mo we have a sneaking suspicion that they are all girls....... oh I do hope so, so much easier if they are and think of all those lovely big eggs, now that will make the chickens jealous!

Sue xx


  1. They are gorgeous ! I had a duck egg at the weekend - huge & SO rich ( felt a bit queasy afterwards & wouldn't want to eat one again !)

  2. Clever duck taking modelling lessons....I'll try to remember Amelia's tips myself!
    Jane x

  3. I think I need you to have words with my wife and tell her geese are fine to keep and wont attack her! Great pictures by the way

  4. Oh wow, what a lovely looking chicken.

  5. Wow they had grown up so much! Amelia is adorable, what a lovely picture.
    Sarah x

  6. First of all thanks for visiting and leaving comments on my blog - so glad you did 'cos now I've found yours. And a lovely blog it is too - when I have a moment I will read your older posts and catch up.


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