Sunday, 29 July 2012

Before and After with Suky's Help

This was the bed at the right hand side of the front of our delightful little 1930's bungalow yesterday morning.  Lovely Hubby had put the edging boards in a couple of weeks ago for me.

But the bed was still full of dead plants and weeds.  I have plans for it  'Good Life' style plans.

And with a little help from a certain little Suky ...

.. who of course had to check that Mum was indeed filling the wheelbarrow to safe levels ...

... it loooked like this by lunchtime.

Much tidier and almost ready to be planted what do you think will be going in there folks?

All the time while I was doing this, there was a rustling in the undergrowth ...

...on the return stretch it all became clear.......

... it was just Lovely Hubby on his second favourite boy's toy (his first love, after me of course, is his big boys toy, his John Deere 3130, a real tractor).  This one is not ours I hasten to add, it belongs to our landlord and we have permission to use it while we are here, well we do have almost 4 acres of his grass to cut.  LH loves using it so much I see us having to purchase one when we move.

The shopping list of very necessary items for when we move it getting larger.... an Aga for me, a ride on lawn mower for LH..... we have expensive tastes don't we!!

Sue xx


  1. Suky is gorgeous, who wouldn't want a little helper as cute as that! I am impressed with the work you did too! I yearn for the 'Good Life' except my patch is a tiny bit more petite than yours!! Have a delightful week ahead!!

    Lots of love

    Natalie xx

  2. Suky is too cute! My husband also loves his riding mower! I am glad, because I don't want to use it! lol

  3. Looking forward to seeing your little plot all planted and growing. Hubby is so funny riding around on his man toy, mine loves his as well.

  4. You could get goats ! Joe wants one of those and even though we now have grass again... not enough for one of those toys !

  5. I've just bought a ride-on for £300 (bargain) but it's not John Deere, one day maybe! Still great fun charging up and down the garden on it (although I kept my shirt on!)

  6. Heehee, Suky just needs a clipboard to finish the 'official' look!
    Got an aga on my list as well for the next move whenever that may be.


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