Saturday 28 July 2012

A Year ago life was different ......

... Tinka, Tayla and Gypsey lived in the paddock ...

.... chickens and piglets played in the Orchard ...

.... enjoying the sunshine of the warm July days.

Our herd of Large Black pigs settled into their new home in the Netherlands ..

... becoming some of the first free-ranging outdoor pigs over there.

My Cauliflowers grew huge ....

... and my Broccoli did their best to follow suit.

Caldwell ruled the roost over his vast harem of mixed ladies.

Life was good, life is still good ...... it's just different.

We move forward in this world all the time, so many changes take place on a day to day level, some tiny almost imperceptable, some more noticable that can brighten our days or make them harder, some so big that they impact on our lives and shift the very axis of our being.  Somehow we come through them, sometimes sadder, sometimes stronger.  Sometimes we feel the stuffing has been knocked out of us and sometimes we have hope in our hearts.

But the thing we have to remember is that we do come through them.  They change our lives and we move forward.  With the right spirit and a hopeful heart we build on what we have and make our lives different, not always better, not always worse..... just different.

Sue xx


  1. I could not agree with this more, and it is VERY timely for me: different does not have to mean awful; life is a challenge and sometimes the sun shines too. Frugal Queen says, "Somedays you are the dog, somedays you are the lamppost". Your blog is always an inspiration to me, Sue. Thank you xx

  2. Such true words, one day at a time is all we can hope for

  3. Very apt, someone once told me that time soon passes by good or bad, I quite often repeat it when times seem hard. I am now at the stage of life where I am happy to look too the future.

  4. Just came across your in the world do those big black pigs see anything? Very interesting..can't wait to get into reading more.
    Berte in Texas

  5. Life continues even if we don't want it to! Good and bad move along just the same.

  6. Berte, it does limit their vision, except for when they are running then the ears flap out of the way. It makes them lovely docile pigs, nice ad easy to handle and very friendly, they're a brilliant breed and sadly pretty rare.

    We had some of the rarest bloodlines, hence the entire herd being sold to a breeder in Holland rather than being turned into sausages and meat when we had to unfortunately come out of pig farming.

    Sue xx
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