Wednesday 11 July 2012

"Have You Packed Yet?"

"Have you packed yet"...... eveyone asks me ...... NO is the answer.

I'm trying to get in the mind set honest.......but I have to aim for something between the picture above...

... and this!!

I like to travel light, very light so I do need to get planning at least.

Oh well, time for one more cup of coffee and then a trawl around Blogworld while I drink it and then I may start the planning, or maybe just the thinking about the planning .....or maybe by then it will be lunchtime ......  I will pack ....sometime before I go...I think!! 

Sue xx


  1. I like to be organised and pack days before hand. Then I start to think and second guess which is not a good idea so I end up with way too much. On the day I travel I usually have to call my sister who is the QUEEN of packing and travelling with ONLY hand luggage.

    The holiday is always fantastic though, although it's been awhile since I've needed to know the weight of my luggage. Have a fantastic time!


  2. Stop blogging and get packing Sue;-)

    Have a lovely break and enjoy yourselves :-)

  3. Good luck with your packing!! Have a great time

  4. Love the photo of that suitcase - looks like mine! Enjoy your holiday and bring us back lots of photos.

  5. I'm already thinking of what to take in August and it's WAY TOO MUCH ( I always take too much ! )
    Have a wonderful time xx

  6. Good luck and enjoy your holiday. I used to have a tiny suitcase like that with a sewing kit in it. Your pix makes me wish I still had it.


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