Saturday 14 July 2012

There's a Goose Loose Aboot the Hoose

The Gosling are big now ....

... bigger than their Mum, Mother Goose the Hyline hen.

She's a good Mum, gradually loosing the apron strings now and letting them play all over Chicken World together.  But any sign of danger, any dog or cat that gets too close and makes them chirp louder than their normal constant chunnering and she's right back by their sides.

The only problem we have at the moment, is that she expects them to be able to roost now and tries to lead them into the henhouse each night, they of course, with their webbed feet, cannot roost and sleep sitting on the ground of the broody house.  It's frustrating being a Mum sometimes!!

A little film of life in Chicken World at the moment.

The banging you can hear in the background of the film is Lovely Hubby making this, a lovely new residence for our growing offspring.  Goose Mansion, shortly to be installed in Chicken World, complete with a roosting bar for Mother Goose!!

Sue xx


  1. I just love that hen thinking these are her babies - brilliant and they really are getting big aren't they! xx

  2. "A" loooks quite cute in the goosehouse!!
    Jane x

  3. Ha! I love it!

  4. I love the goose house, it looks a good size. My wife made me promise that when we bought our smallholding I wasn't to have any geese as they scare her.I'm working on her though!

  5. our 4 hens must've been brought up by a Mother Goose...every night they pile into the nesting boxes of their henhouse and sleep double-decker rather than roosting...

  6. Chicken World looks like a spa retreat for birds! I wouldn't mind a weekend there myself to laze in the grit bath, cool off in some fresh water, a leisurely stroll round the landscaped grounds, good food and plenty of rest!


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