Tuesday 24 July 2012

Holiday Pics

Just a few pictures of our holiday last week, so you can see what we've been up too!!

The top picture is the view from the ferry as we approached Sark, we had a wonderful day there, the highlight of the holiday (we spent the rest of the time on Guernsey).

Cars are not allowed on Sark and the only forms of transport are bicycle, horse or tractor.   This is the Doctor's tractor, there is an ambulance or a fire engine that can be towed behind it for emergencies.

We toured the gardens at La Seigneurie, Lovely Hubby found a gun to play with.....

.... and I did my ET impression, pretending to phone home!!

We found our way around the maze, with LH getting to the middle first (and sneakily giving me directions from his vantage point in the tower).

Then we stopped for lunch, as usual our table number followed tradition, very accidently.

After lunch we strolled the island sticking to the main road.  The whole island is only 4.5 squares miles, so it didn't take us too long to get back to the port.

Where we sat soaking up the glorious sunshine and listened to the seagulls flying low over the rocky coastline.

We had a wonderful time.

The rest of the week was spent doing a little shopping, we went to the museum and to some lovely gardens, but mostly we revelled in each others company and the complete break from routine.   We ate some wonderful meals in pubs and gardens and we bought end of day bargains from good old M&S and picnicked in our hotel room watching some of our favourite tv shows or reading books (I managed to read almost 3 books during the six days).

All too soon it was time to return home.  This is our plane, the chap in the hi vis vest is our pilot welcoming us all aboard.  There were 16 of us on the plane, and that's including the two pilots.

We knew our luggage wasn't lost ... it was in the cupboard just near the door at the back of the plane. 

A wonderful holiday, marred only by our sad, sad news on the Friday.  But we have returned, rested and refreshed, thank you again to Mum and Jason for watching all our animals and birds and giving us the chance to get away for this much needed holiday.

Sue xx


  1. I've always wanted to visit Sark. Thank you for sharing the beautiful photos!
    Jane x

  2. Thanks for that.Sark is on my list of places I must visit xx

  3. I am glad you had such a lovely break, the photos make Sark look very tempting! I am land-locked at the moment and can't wait for, hopefully, a chance to see and hear the sea in the autumn!! Thank you for sharing your holiday snaps!! love Heather x

  4. Your photos are lovely. We've holidayed in Guernsey about 15 times in the last 20 years so as you can guess it's our favourite place. We've never been to Sark though as I always manage to feel sea sick on boats but after seeing your lovely pictures I might try and conquer my fear next time and take the plunge. Guernsey is such a beautiful island.xx

  5. Your photos are lovely and im glad you had a great time.


  6. So sorry to read about Sophie. What dreadful news to receive while on your lovely holiday. So sad xx

  7. Lovely, I want to be in guernsey now - but unfortunately will have to wait until mid September. We are also going to Sark, Alderney and Jersey; a bit of Channel Island hopping

  8. Lovely photos, I"d love Sark, being a cyclist. I particularly like the cliff top one and the one of you sitting. The cottage looks wonderful.

  9. We went to Herne Island when we visited Guernsey many years ago. Sark looks better!

    What a wonderful trip you had.

    Sft x


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