Monday 23 July 2012

Introducing My New Blog

After starting the Harcombe Diet a few weeks ago I came to the realisation that the best thing I can take from this is the need to eat Real Food, that is not processed foods, just good home cooking made with real ingredients and made well.

Glancing to the side of me as I Blogged one morning I looked, and I mean really looked at my vast collection of cookery books and the idea came to me that I should use them ...... actually work my way through them, deciding which books I needed, wanted and were actually useful, and which books were simply sitting on the shelf looking pretty and bought because they were just something I fancied reading.

I have collections of my favourite cooks and foody peoples books.

I seem to feel the need to own all their books, something I got from my Dad, although his field was science fiction and history.

I love books, we're a booky family, I introduced my children to the love of reading from an early age.  My younger son  has a vast collection of crime and scientific books.

I see absolutely nothing wrong with having loads and loads of books.

But not just for decoration, they should be read, used, and appreciated.

And I want to make sure that my collection of cookery books fulfils that criteria.

As a Blogger through and through I decided that the best way to chart my progress along the shelf would be to Blog about each book I go through it deciding it's fate.

I guess it will take some time, I haven't actually counted my books, on these two shelves alone there are 153 cookery books (yes, I just got off my chair and counted).  I have others, some in the kitchen, some in the living room, even some by the bed, they are literally everywhere.

So........ The Plan.

 Over on my brand new Blog see HERE, or click on the picture link at the top of the sidebar of this Blog,  I will each week choose at least one book, photograph it, read through it, choose some recipes to follow from it, photograph the results and give my honest opinion on the book and the food.

Then I will decide whether the book has earned it's place on the shelf or whether it will be relegated to the dusty box in the corner of the shed, where it will await it's fate at the car boot sale or charity shop.

Well that's the plan, now to choose the first book!!

Some of you have already found the Blog through the link on the sidebar and have been popping over to check for progress, well the good news is, from today you will at last have something to read.  Thank you for your interest and special thanks to the lovely  folk who have already signed up as lovely little eager beavers!!

Sue xx


  1. I have just signed up. I do like being surrounded by books, my other half thinks i should have a kindle instead. The cheek indeed.

  2. I decided to actually use all the scraps of recipes I cut out from mags etc thinking mmmm that looks really far I've baked a choc cake that used mayonaise instead of eggs (we called it the Flat as a Turd Cake and it didn't taste much better either!!!) and rhubarb & custard muffins which were fab, rhubabr scone ring which was easy to make and hard work to eat and microwave meringues which were sensational but completely dissolved by the next day!
    Over to follow your cookery efforts now, thanks for providing mealtime inspiration!

  3. I was in the same position as you with cook books when we moved almost two years ago. I culled ruthlessly and almost halved my cook book stash, still lots but at least they are the ones I actually use.I haven't bought any new ones in that time up to now when I have just ordered some of the Sarah Raven cook books. I got them from the library first and decided yes, I really did NEED to own them LOL. Look forward to reading your blogging - PS The river cottage books need to stay :)

  4. I love books too, any books. There's just something about reading an actual book that can't be replaced by something electronic.

    Look forward to following your new blog :)

  5. big fan of books here as well. Great idea and will follow your other blog.

    Gill in Canada

  6. Great idea. I culled my sticky cookery books once & now keep mine in a basket. I keep meaning to do one new recipe a week - maybe you will spur me on !

  7. That will be a lot of cooking then lol - look forward to the reports xx

  8. You've got quite the collection! I'd like to buy the River Cottage Veg one fact it's sitting in my Amazon shopping cart at the moment.

  9. We're a "booky" family as well. When we moved house we had around 25 boxes of books, I could never sell any though! Although I do need a libary to keep them all in! I'll look forward to reading your new blog (your not aloud to sell any of Hugh's books though!)


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