Saturday 7 July 2012

Behind Closed Doors - Episode 2

Before ...

Yesterdays behind closed doors was okay, even before I put the jams and foods into the cupboards all the other shelves were tidy and organised....todays however is a completely different matter!!

Where we used to live we had three bathrooms, one downstairs, one upstairs and one ensuite AND we had 'under the kitchen sink' that place where things get thrown until they are needed, well they do in our house, I don't know about yours!!

Here we just have 'under the kitchen sink'......yes there's one bathroom, but it's too small to store things in, so everything lives under the kitchen sink. 

It's 3 months now since we moved and lots of 'products' have been used, I don't like 'products', I want to get back to using basic simple cleaning stuffs, but I'm not throwing away anything that I've already bought, it would end up in landfill and our waterways anyway, so in my mind I think I may as well use them, but use them sensibly then and when they've all gone they will not be replaced.  Three months ago there was not a scrap of room under here, now I can see the beginnings of space....yes really....can't you?

So today, as it's wet outside I am tackling 'under the sink'......I may be some time, but I will pop back with an 'after''s the only way I can make myself get stuck in the thought that I have to show you some improvement.

Here goes......wish me luck.......

Edited in.....

... during ...

... after.

And now I'm on a roll and starting on the drawers.

Once you start you just can't stop !!

Sue xx


  1. You have almost inspired me to tackle my under the sink what a mess mine is as well, good luck to you!!

  2. When you are done....I'll have the coffee on!!
    Jane x

  3. You've done a great job on the cupboard! My undersink cupboard is a single unit without a shelf. I have a large plastic crate to store everything in. The good thing about it is that I can't buy too much stuff as there's nowhere to keep it!

  4. Your before shot of the under sink cupboard looks like mine...I must get to and tidy it up. I have way too much stuff in there! Hope it looks like yours when I am finished.

    I havent bought cleaning products for a few years now, just use what is on hand, like vinegar, bicarb etc...I make my own citrus cleaner (citrus peels infused in vinegar) and lavender done the same way is a pretty good cleaner too!

    Happy cleaning and decluttering :)


  5. You've done great with your cupboard.. luckily all my kitchen, pantry and porch cupboards are all tidy because we did them when decorated... but I can still remember what it felt like at the prospect of having to do them, but great satisfaction when they were done.

    Julie xx

  6. I love a good declutter, a job well done.

  7. I need to do the same. I was chuckling to my husband just yesterday that it doesn't feel like I have cleaned cupboard since 1989. So I won't show you the inside of mine. But after gardening season lets up a bit, I will get to the cupboards. Thanks for the encouragement.

  8. I think you are having a " Spring Clean " in the summer !


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