Wednesday 4 July 2012

Sometimes You Just HAVE to Shop

Yesterday was one of those days when I just had to shop.

 Over the weekend my stick mixer broke, the soup wasn't that thick....honest, it was just a very old stick mixer.   Then the electric kettle started leaking very dramatically just as we were making our morning drinks and to avoid the risk of electrocution I decided that a replacement had to be found, unfortunately these days getting this sort of appliance repaired costs more than buying a new one.  As I was going to the pet store to get some food for the pests I mean pets and T**co was just across the road I decided to play a Joker and shop there.

As you can see I got what I needed, at very reasonable cost I must say, and a couple of other things too.  Our favourite brand of toothpaste was on offer, just as we were on our very last tube using up the last offer when I stockpiled, so I stockpiled again 10 more tubes to go in the cupboard should see us to the end of this year and beyond, and a couple of new toothbrushes each at just 99p for each one.

We are in the process of preparing for our holidays and instead of buying new we take old, and also half empty containers of things.  So our old toothbrushes will be taken with us and thrown away at the end of the week, (don't worry I have enough old brushes in the kitchen cupboard for those fiddly little jobs that only a toothbrush will reach), and over the last couple of weeks we have been saving things like a quarter of a tube of toothpaste, a third full bottle of shower gel, I saved and dried out my 'almost past it' bath scrunchy thing, I'm sure you get the picture.  Why buy those fiddly little pots of things, that in some cases cost more than their larger counterparts!!  I even take my oldest and holeiest, unrepairable socks and dispose of them after wear, knowing I have brand new ones at home.  I usually do the same with knickers (God forbid I ever get knocked over on but this year they are all in good condition, so they will be coming home with me.  This way at the end of any holiday we know will have a little bit of room just in case we buy anything while we are away, doubtful, but you never know and it means we keep well within our weight restriction for the suitcases if we do, so no extra to pay for.

Today is yet another dreary, drizzly day, and it's been forecast for the next 10 days, so I'm biting the bullet and painting this little shelf unit indoors, I was waiting for a nice day to do it outside.  It looked okay at our last place with the old wood suiting the kitchen, it used to hang above the Aga, but here it needs to be painted to really fit in and look good.

So it's out with the brush and my trusty old tin of green paint and it will soon be lovely and back in use.  I had better get on with it.........

..... Lovely Hubby drilled and plugged these holes where it is destined to go as soon as we finished painting the kitchen.

Time for work.

Sue xx


  1. Don't you know you're supposed to take good knickers with you when on holidays.....just in case your in an accident. Didn't your mum ever tell you?!
    New appliances these days are not really worth repairing are they? Now I sound 100 and not 38! Oh dear!
    xx Susan

  2. We save nearly finished things to take on holiday too. Another benefit is that the car ends up that bit lighter so the diesel goes further. Every little helps : )

  3. I don't buy top of the range electricals, they don't last any longer than the cheaper ones. I've just replaced my kettle too, I got an Argos basic range one for £5 something, it doesn't matter at that price if it doesn't last long. I love the shelf unit, it'll look great painted.

  4. Yep, it must be the weather or something - toaster and mixer BOTH just gave up the ghost here too!

  5. I do exactly the same with my toothbrushes - take the old one on hols and then replace when I get home. Hubby thinks it's a funny thing to do...obviously it's not lol!

  6. Great ideas although not so sure about the knickers... I agree with Susan. Jane, a holiday is what you had for one day when we met up! lol! xxx

  7. I think my iron is ready to give up. It didn't seem to be working as well as it should the other day- maybe it was the shock of actually being used! Luckily I have a spare which my Mum gave me ages ago- it's unused and still in its box. Hope you got your unit painted.

  8. I do the same Sue but I go on cycling or walking hols so it doesn't matter.

    I love your shelves.


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