Thursday 26 July 2012


This is pretty much our mantra here on the farm.  Not much leaves the farm in the form of rubbish for landfill. Glass jars, bottles etc if not able to be used for jam making or food preservation go into the recycling bin.  Plastic cartons, and tins likewise.  Paper and cardboard are saved for putting under new soil in beds to act as a weed surpressing layer, anything shiny and unsuitable goes in the paper recycling box. 

We feed scraps (food/weeds) to the chickens or the compost bins, when the chickens have eaten their fill their droppings go into the compost bins too to act as an activator to start the process more quickly.  After the compost bins have started the work of rotting everything down they are tipped into the worm beds, and then the resulting compost is put back on the land a couple of months later.  It works full circle.  A good circle.

A good way to think.

As well as guard dogs we have threats!!

I could be doing housework, I could be turning the compost bins out, I could be doing sooooo much, but I'm not, we seem to be having another day of Summer (shhh... that's three in a row, don't tell anyone they will turn the switch and the rain will be back) ........ I'm going out now to sit under the parasol on the patio, watch the weeds grow, drink glasses of icecold water and review the next book for my other Blog.  I wonder what we're having for tea tonight!!

I can't wait to find out.

Sue xx


  1. Enjoy summer! I let my hubs work the compost bin ;)

  2. This is such a great way of looking at things. I must say ever since the day I read what you had written about the things we are throwing away are things we have paid good money for, I have tried to be more careful about what I throw away. You have made me re-evaluate things and you inspire me to take more care in everyday life and make the most of everything I have. Thanks Sue x x x x

  3. Yeah, enjoy the summer days, they are too few and far between. No work in the garden on a day like this. All I did was pick some peas and eat them.

  4. We recycle as much as we can too; plastic, tin, cardboard, glass. All food waste is split into chickens or compost depending on what it is! Definitely need to put everything else on hold when there is sun this year - those days are too few and far between so must be enjoyed!

  5. I thought about doing lots of jobs yesterday & then thought " It's just too hot " I went to the cool tree lined streams to cool Dillon down instead !


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