Sunday 8 July 2012

Behind Closed Drawers.........

Behind closed doors or drawers in this case can lurk a multitude of sins...... or in my case just a general mish mash of things that need searching through every time you want something.


While I was in the mood yesterday clearing out the cupboards I decided to continue round the kitchen, I had room under my kitchen sink (I still do) and I thought I might come across something in the drawers that could be moved there and alleviate the pressure on the drawers.


It wasn't too bad really once I  got stuck in.  Every drawer was emptied wiped out and then carefully refilled, so that like was actually with like instead of spread over three drawers.  I threw a few things away, put a couple of things in the car boot box and some things in the recycling boxes.

Top drawer, with everything I need to wrap things near to hand.

Bottom drawer before...

... and after.

A good days work, and yes, you guessed it I'm still at it today, the drawers on the other side have just been attacked and now I'm on the final cupboards....... it's addictive this tidying and clearing the clutter.......and also very satisfying.

Sue xx


  1. Well done! Drawers are great for string things (wish we had more) but after only a short time they become a mess. Yours look fabulous now! x

  2. Wow! Sue, you really are on a mission aren't you!

    Great decluttering. Need to do some of that during the summer hol.

    Have a great week.

    Sft x

  3. I love a good declutter, it really makes a difference.

  4. we have a butchers block with 2 drawers = I call them the 'omni drawers' as everything gets chucked into them and they are a right mess. Thankfully they are small. Lovely hubby clears them out a couple of times a year!

  5. Since you are on a roll and as you are becoming addicted, I'll let you come and tackle my cupboards and drawers when you have finished yours : )

  6. I can hardly open one of the drawers in my kitchen, it's so stuffed full of things. I should really take your lead and declutter.

  7. I recently did this, so therapeutic but oh my life - those drawers were hiding so much rubbish!

  8. Is it the rain keeping us inside or what? so MANY people in Blogland are decluttering and tidying this week.

    I WILL get my knicker drawer tidy this weekend, I promise!!


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