Tuesday 10 July 2012

It's a bad I Deer ..........

My sort of Flowers - thanks Mum.

It's a good job I've got pretty flowers to look at in the house, because outside is a scene of devastation, although not in the flower garden ...  in the Veggie Patch.

The Deer have found it!!

Need I say more, lets just say the Ceasar Salads we were planning for the next few nights will not be happening, the Courgette plant is in intensive care, can it survive without it's leaves - I fear not.  Luckily we had eaten all the strawberries (a poor crop this year compared to last) and the carrots are under nets, I've quickly covered the Pumpkins, and the beetroot and turnips are under this frame (see below).

Picture taken a couple of months ago - we will use this design to build covers for all the beds!

I thought we had got away with it, but no.......it's a bad I deer to have veggies in unfenced areas here.  We are going to build covers for the raised beds when we get back off our holiday.  They will be too late to save most of  this years crops, but next year we will be prepared.

You can't keep a good grower down for long, maybe just for today, I'll stamp my feet and have a hissy feet, and then get on with sorting out some clothes for our holiday.  I have 20kg of baggage allowed don't you know!!

Have a good day - and if you see a Deer on your travels.....poke it in the eye for me!!

Sue xx


  1. Oh, deer :-(

    (Sorry, Sue)

    I am so sorry for you both. It is so heart wrenching when something likethis happens.

    Enjoy the holiday, though :-)

  2. Oh Dear ( sorry couldn't resist ) Where are you going ?

  3. Oh Sue.. it's bad enough with the weather but deers too! poor you.

    Have a lovely holiday.

    Julie xx

  4. I read today that for holidaying abroad, you should lay out all your clothes and items to pack - then only take half of the clothes with you. I'm going to give it a go this year!!

  5. Ooh! I didn't mean TOP or BOTTOM half!! (just to make sure I'm not misunderstood by any of your readers) *blushes*

  6. Oh deer/ Oh dear.....my you're a sympathetic lot....lol!!

    And you want me to go topless or bottomless fostermummy....no wonder you're blushing.

    Thank you Julie , no puns from you....only becausue you didn't think of them in time, I bet you're kicking yourself now....lol!!

    We're off to the lovely isle of Guernsey (at least we've been promised it's lovely, I'll let you know).

    Sue xx
    Our New Life in the Country

  7. Have they attacked your fruit trees etc. If not will you have time to protect them? Blasted things. Someone I knew gave up growing veggies (mind you she wasn't that determined to be honest) as the deers kept eating everything and they weren't prepared to fence that area off!

  8. Our deer tend to do more damage with their hooves than their mouths.
    Jane x

  9. we had them coming in all the time for years and then someone told me to get Mark to pee all round the edge of the garden.
    I had to FORCE FEED him beer (yeah, he was screaming that he couldn't POSSIBLY force down another drop!!) but it worked....

  10. I guess the upside is they got in before you went away. Can you imagine the devastation if they were given free reign for a week or two?

    Have a wonderful holiday, and I hope you come back to some recovering veggies.

  11. Hmm, and I thought I was badly done to when my little curly Kale plants were (a) sat on by a neighbour's cat despite all the posts etc around the pot, and (b) the rest by nasty slugs.

    I have it on very good authority that you go through your day and the things you do and then write down the things you will need for that part of the day, write them all down, then go through them again.

    These are written for people going on cycle tours I must add! I do try NOT to take too much with me even when I am in a car. I have always been such a wimp and never done cycle touring and camping although I have done Bed & Breakfast, which is much simpler.

  12. I thought pigeons were bad but I think you've got a worse pest! Such a bad feeling after you've put so much effort in. Is it lion poo you can buy to deter deer? Or have I just mad that up? (googles it - its for cats sorry)


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