Monday, 20 June 2011

What a difference a day makes.........

" What a difference a day makes.....24 little hours!! "

Last night after a healthy tea of homegrown potatoes and cabbage.....yummy, yummy, we had a last little sugary feast......a jug of Pimms between us and a gorgeous little cupcake each, bartered at the Farmers Market for a dozen eggs, (...we do a lot of 'swapping us stall-holders).  We also had rather a lot of 'white mice', I bought a HUGE jar of them when they were on offer while ago reduced from £39.99 to £14.99......well you couldn't not buy them at that price could you.......or could you!! ( I have plans for the rest of them..... I'll show you later this week.)

Today - well we are waiting for the results of Lovely Hubby's blood tests at the doctors and it's not looking good, he's been asked to go back for a re-test as his results were so high.  We're not hanging about, where the health of my man (and me) are concerned we take action immediately, we are sticking to our healthy eating diets, but upping the ante even more.  Gone will be the sugary every day treaty things, sugary, fatty things will be a once in a while special treat, in with a vengeance come the home grown veggies, fruits and homemade things so I can see exactly what is in each and everything we eat.

Homemade yogurt already on the go.

The £100 Challenge
As for the £100 Challenge, we're still coping well, it might end sooner than expected if there are special ingredients I need to buy but while I have my little purse and it's contents, it stands at £79.36 at the moment, we will continue

This week I bought -
Milk x 8 (2 still in the freezer and 2 left in the fridge) 8.00
Sparkling water x 10                 1.60
Lemonade x 2                              36
Cucumbers x 2                          1.00
Sliced Ham                                2.00
Sliced Seeded Loaf                   1.40

Total                                      £14.36

Not bad at all for a weeks shopping.  We are eating well from the Kitchen Garden and the polytunnel, lots of strawberries each day and last night we had  the first of our own New Potatoes, yummy with just a touch of butter and a sprinkling of herbs,served with lightly steamed, just picked Cabbage, a gorgeous and simple meal.

Here on the farm today it is a gloriously sunny day, LH is out walking the dogs while I catch up on my Blog and then I will clean out the henhouses and water the polytunnel while he comandeers the computer, then we are off out for a treat, lunch together at one of our favourite places, Aston Pottery.
Hope you have a lovely day too.
Sue xx


  1. Hope you have a nice lunch.

    I am very envious of your shopping bill. Amazing.

    Martin :0)

  2. In awe of your thriftiness, you make me quite ashamed of being so wasteful in the past, though I am now on a home made pilgrimage, both food and things for the home. I wish you both the very bestand hope you have some better news soon.
    Jenny x

  3. hope everything goes ok, and big hugs (as ALWAYS) hurrying thru the ether "just because"
    ps- my new mantra is "keep calm and drink Pimms"!

  4. Your meal reminded me of hubby's uncle. Whenever he had to buy veg on the way home from work it was ALWAYS cabbage and potatoes, NEVER anything else!
    Jane x

  5. Hope your hubby is ok.

    Well done on how much you've got left in your purse.


    Sft x

  6. Hope Lovely Hubby is ok and tests come back with good news.
    You are both amazing with what you are doing and the thrifty £100 challenge is so very very impressive
    take care
    Sarah x


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