Tuesday, 21 June 2011

It's a hard life.......

It's a hard life being a piggy on this farm.....

...You have to find your own hollow, grab a friend to cuddle up with and have a nap in the sunshine.

Pesky folk with cameras come and catch you unawares.......

...so you get up and have a good scratch.

And then, to top it all, dinner is delivered and you just have to get stuck in.....

...fight off a bit of competition for the best bits...

...and only then do you get chance to settle down ready for another little snooze before bedtime.  It really is all go!!
Introducing our four little three month old Middle Whites, busy little girls.

Sue xx


  1. Welcome to the family : ) It certainly looks like a hard life haha. They are adorable though, soooo cute xxx

  2. Love the little piggy yawn! So cute!!

  3. Cuties!
    At least you know theyr'e having a good life.

    Sandie xx

  4. How cute. I've just posted a picture of a similar pig, I think it's the same breed on my blog. I took the picture at the Royal Show a few years back.

    Which breed are they?


    Martin :0)

  5. Yes, they're having a brilliant life Sandie, when they first came onto the farm they had never lived outdoors and they have learned to love it very quickly.

    They had their first wallow made for them yesterday in the sunshine and they took to it, well like pigs to mud!!

    All our pigs are rare breeds Martin, these particular ones are Middle Whites. Famous for their squashed faces and large prick ears, lots of folk think they are the ugliest of the rarebreeds, but I think they have crossed the line back into beauty.

    Sadly these are the last pigs that will come onto the farm,we are in the process of becoming pig free by September, watch the Blog for more news.

    Sue xx

  6. I think if I came back on earth as an animal I would have to be a pig, sounds a damn good life over there on your farm. Mind you I only see the good bits I know. I don't see all the toil.

  7. Pig free! :(

    I love the look of the Middle Whites.

    Thanks for answering my question!

    Martin :0)


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