Wednesday, 22 June 2011

I may be small.......

I may be small.....but I'm perfectly formed.

This year for the first time ever I seem to have cracked it with the Cauliflowers!  Every other year I have planted around twenty and we've ended up eating one or two if we're lucky.  But this year I have a row of perfectly formed little specimens, this one is the tiniest, so cute.  I think a miniature Cauliflower Cheese is on the menu for tonight, I think I may have to pick two, I don't think this will feed both of us!!

And yet again I have giant Cabbages (see the picture on the sidebar of me hiding behind one of last years lovely examples).  I seem to be good at growing these, it's a good job I'm also learning to like eating them.

At the moment we are following the Gillian McKeith mantra that you can learn to love anything if you try it enough and unbelievably it's working, there are now lots of veggies that I'm eating on a regular basis, a good job really, you would have a bad diet if your were a vegetarian that didn't like veggies!!

Sue xx


  1. Oh I am so happy that you have manged to grow a a small and perfect cauliflowers. I've failed miserably at them, even a smaller variety called snowball. Enjoy your meal this evening.

    I do remember a time when as a veggie, I'd just eat a lot of potatoes - thank goodness some of us appreciate the divrsity of vegetables in our diet.

  2. ah...caulis to rival brussels sprouts!
    Personally the only thing I can't bring myself to love is Gillian McKeith!

  3. wow- what lovely caulis! Mine have unfortunately fallen folly to slugs..I haven't totally given up hope though- fingers crossed they will recover and make like yours! Enjoy your mini cauliflower cheese- stick some stilton in it- yummy!

    H x

  4. Nice! I have never managed to grow anything larger than a tennis ball, and the white has often been very beige!

  5. Oh, I hope ours do as well. I have been told that when making a change in your diet,it can take trying/eating something 10 times before you are OK with it.
    Jane x

  6. That cauli s too cute!!!xxx

  7. The knack with caulis is for them never to get a check in growth- that is what causes no flowers/small flowers. I've got a few with small heads after the lack of rain.
    Even without the head, the greens are still god to eat!!

  8. whoo hoo! I grew mini caulifowers this year - I can't remember their real name, but they grow fast and are about the size of a large fist. They were definitely more successful that the usual big ones - so they're an experiment I'll do again.

  9. Not sure if this is the right word for a vegetable but... that's a cute cauliflower!

    We are growing cauliflowers this year that delibaretly have very small heads like the one you photographes.

    Hope you enjoy(ed) eating it!

    Martin :)


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