Sunday, 19 June 2011

So Proud of My Dad........

I'm SO proud of my dad, I had a wonderful childhood.   Family holidays recorded in photos, pushing hired pushchairs across the sands, not wanting to sit in it because it wasn't 'mine'.

Here I'm 13, posing with my Dad, after my lovely Nana had just given me a set of pearls, she said I was all grown up, a 'young lady', my Dad agreed and wanted a picture. He was proud of me then, he still is, our feelings are reciprocal.

Meeting his second Grandson for the first time, cradling the next generation in his careful hands.  Bringing back memories for both of us.  Now his Grandsons tower above him, but to them he will always be the bigger man.  The one who helped shape their childhood, the one they respect, admire and love.

My Dad....I am so very, very proud of the man you were, the man you are and the man you will yet be.

Happy Fathers Day

Your daughter
Sue xx


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