Tuesday, 7 June 2011


Sometimes......just sometimes, the 'Good Life' is all it's cracked up to be!!
Sitting on the patio eating our own Strawberries dipped into sweetened Fromage Frais, drinking our own homemade Elderflower Cordial, the world briefly seemed very good!
It's about to get even better in the next couple of months.......
Sue xx


  1. Perfect! Sue, I look forward to reading why it's going to get better in the next couple of months. Could you be on the move to your new place, or am I missing the point I wonder!!

  2. isn't it just plain lovely when things are ok, and you take the moment to savour it
    No one deserves good things more than you do

  3. You sound very contented Sue.

    Good on you!

    Sft x

  4. Sue..the queen of the teaser!!
    Jane x

  5. Fantastic! Just a perfect moment of contentment makes up for a day of hassle sometimes doesn't it? Strawbs look gorgeous!

  6. Heaven !
    Thanks for your lovely comment. Breeze is very thin & her face & comb went yellow. Normally the bossy one she is now standing alone from the other three. I kept her in one night but yesterday took her to the farmer.

    He said she was very thin but not ill enough to put her down. I must use Layers ' mash & layers mash only. Corn occasionaly. No scraps no porridge or getting into the compost etc. I didn't dare say I give them spaghetti & sweetcorn too !
    So this morning - none of them interested in eating. I've had them 20 months & this is the first trouble.
    Only getting the odd egg or two all week now.
    Help ! The hen man is totally eccentric !


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