Monday, 27 June 2011

At the start of the day.....

At the start of the day here in sunny Oxfordshire, the chickens are out pecking away at the grass, looking for bugs and creepy crawlies to supplement their pellets and corn.  Caldwell the bantam cockerel is shouting to the world and drowning out his new pretender to the throne, William, who is learning to crow.

The dogs have raced around while I took food and water to pigs and are now flat out in the shade tongues lolling, and looking pleased with themselves after a job well done.  The sun is high over the house, and while I take a few minutes to do this post and eat my breakfast (the second one of the day) the sounds of the farm drift in the window.  Birdsong from around the pond, the distant chugging of a tractor pulling its heavy trailer in the field beyond us.  There is a buzzing in the air and the smell of pollen hangs everywhere already.

The start of a new day, indeed a new week, fills us with promise, the sun makes us relax and slow the pace, it also makes us sweaty and red-faced, but we won't go into that!!

Now I have to go to the garage to get my tyre fixed, I doubt I could wax lyrical about that even if I tried!!

Have a good day, enjoy the sun (I hope you have it too).

Sue xx

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