Friday, 17 June 2011

Different varieties.....

Because this year we have many different varieties of Strawberry growing, we never know what we are going to find when we go out to pick each evening.  Each expedition to the strawberry bed is a journey into the unknown.

The one on the right is a 'normal' sized strawberry like the larger ones you find in the supermarket packs, then one on the left is the size of a small apple.  They both taste equally yummy!!

I would have had a small Alpine strawberry for the size comparison photo......if I hadn't been overcome by temptation and popped it straight into my mouth!!

Sue xx


  1. I like to put the Alpine Strawbs straight into a box in the freezer- nice straight from the box on a hot day, AND you end up with enough to actually make something!

  2. We have been growing strawberries at James' this year, I picked a few last night but the majority of them were past their best which made me very sad. I love strawberries, I just hope we get some more over the weekend xxx

  3. We have wild strawberries here, but the chipmunks get to them before we do. I have to race to the raspberries before the groundhogs get them. A piccy of a raspberry might be nice, to remind me of what I'm missing!
    Jane x

  4. They look great!!!!

    We haven't had ANY strawberries as of yet. They are in quite a sheltered spot so aren't benefitting from the sunshine as much.

    Have a great day!!!

    Martin :)


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