Saturday, 25 June 2011

The Daily Harvest

Every day now there is lots to be picked.  I have switched to a morning harvest time, this way I can figure out what we are having for tea, and if there are any unusual combinations or foods that are quite new to me, I can have a flick through my recipe books for inspiration.

This picture was Wednesdays 8am harvest -

Potatoes that were left in the beds by accident last year so the plants were way ahead of all the others, they were showing a touch of blight (as well as blocking the light from my lovely little Cauliflowers) so I thought I would get them in now.

Strawberries - we're getting this amount every day at the moment, I know it won't last so whatever we don't eat that day gets popped in the freezer ready for a jam making session at the end of the season.

Five eggs - not bad for 8am, we usually have about two and a half dozen dozen by noon.

One of our lovely cabbages - the outer leaves already fed to the chickens.

A couple of radishes and spring onions to add to my lunch.

And lastly some carrots, picked to go with our tea.

A quarter of the cabbage, most of the carrots and a homegrown onion were turned into Coleslaw with a dollop of homemade mayonaise and some freshly ground black pepper.  We had this to accompany a cheese and onion quiche made with a couple of the eggs.

And for breakfast after doing this yummy harvest, it was homemade yogurt with a spoonful of homemade Bramble Jam, a 'fruit corner' without the corner!!

Growing our own and eating well - you really can't beat this feeling.

Soon we will have to get into 'Preserving Mode' and start processing some of the foods to pop in the freezer to last us over the Winter, everything is very fruitful and coming on at once and we must make the most of it all.  Next week I should start getting my first courgettes....yummy!! Yesterday I tidied the polytunnel ready for another batch of planting, it's looking very lush in there, I must take a photo while it is so tidy!!

Have a wonderful weekend and let's hope the sun shines on us all (and the veggies).

Oh and by the way, I have one very happy little dog here who is thrilled with all the doggy love shown yesterday.  She sends wags and kisses to you all.  (Hopefully the commenting problem is now over!)

Sue xx

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