Tuesday, 28 June 2011

The two sides to pig keeping......

Happy piggies basking in the early evening sunshine with Mum.  Martha is usually a lovely shade of white with pink skin but after the temperatures we had here yesterday you can't blame her for sitting in her muddy wallow for most of the day.  If she didn't she would get serious sunburn, all white pigs are more prone to it as they have quite delicate skin behind their ears.  So by evening she is usually a lovely shade of grey with bits of dried mud hanging off everywhere.

Drinking milk from muddy teats...yuk!!

When Martha rolls over the piglets all rush into place and find their teat, they all keep to the same one from birth, and suckle, she only allows them three minutes so they have to be ready!!

And the other side of pig keeping - a fridge filling up with sausages.   This is the first 51 packs just picked up from the butcher and already spoken for, another batch and all the 'other bits' will be delivered later this morning.  They look quite tasty I suppose, but I will never know!!

It's a bit cooler here today so hopefully I'll be able to get a bit of weeding done, before both the veggies and me vanish in a forest of weeds.

Sue xx

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