Thursday, 16 June 2011

Rosy and Archie

Sneaking up behind them.....

...all cuddled in and oblivious to the world....

..but not for long....I've been spotted!

"Don't look now's Mum with that camera thing........ again!"
While the grey clouds hover over the farm and every now and then decide to drop their heavy load of rain on us, some of the farm folk have exactly the right idea!!

I'm off to the polytunnel, at least it's dry in there.

Sue xx


  1. Ahhhh how cute, they look so comfy and cosy all snuggled up together, bless them. Hope you don't get too wet out there, it is miserable : ( xxx

  2. On grey days some of our cats sit in the baskets by the fire and stare longingly at it, hoping it will magically light for them. The rest of them pile onto the beds to cuddle.
    Jane x
    PS Did you feel bad disturbing them?

  3. Aww Bless them ! Archie is obviously taking advantage of Rosie's softness. I love seeing cats & dogs do this. Dillon loves our three cats but chases all others !

  4. I love your animal posts Sue!

    Sft x

  5. Oh oh oh that is so lovely! Missy wont entertain being that close to George, smells far to much like dog!
    Love the pics of strawbs today, just to confuse by writing aobut something that hasn't happened yet!!
    Have a lovely weekend
    Sarah xx


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