Saturday, 24 July 2010

Thank you

Just that - thank you, for all your lovely comments and emails of support and to our friends Alec and Margaret, who invited us for supper and gave the day a wonderful end after a very sad beginning. I have to get used to this, but I will never like it and it means a lot to have understanding folk out there. Thank You. Sue xx


  1. I could never get used to it either Sue.

  2. I lived on a farm for 8 years growing up and we had a dairy farm and they were pets to our whole family all named and loved but the do have shorter lives, I wish my kids could have that experiance it's alot of work which is also good for them...I cansay I never said I was ever bored on a farm...I sure loved my horses!!!

  3. (((Hugs))) Sue. I was praying someone would take Betty but life isn't always perfect is it:( Betty had a wonderful life with you and was very much loved. Take good care xxx


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