Tuesday 20 July 2010

Busy Bees.......

We're busy the bees and me.

While they were busy buzzing about the lavender as I harvested it early this morning I got to thinking that it's a busy time of year for those of us laying down supplies for Winter. The bees are gathering in their foodstuff just as we growers are gathering in ours.

12 jars of Courgette and Tomato Sauce, some smooth and some chunky.
Preserving the bounty of Summer for the dark days of the cold season ahead. I don't want to stop eating lovely fresh, home produced foods just because the it's stopped growing in the garden. So as well as harvesting and eating I am making every effort to preserve things as they reach their peak. I just wish they wouldn't all peak at the same time, (Mr Courgette and family, are you listening?)
On Sunday morning I pulled five large courgettes from three of the plants and then spent most of yesterday chopping and bottling only to find on my return to the polytunnel for watering last night, seven more of equal size that had grown while my back was turned.
A new recipe is called for today I think, or maybe the pigs will get a treat while I move on to the Spinach......

I left lots of the lavender for the bees to continue having their gathering session, but filled three more vases for drying in the house.
Lovely, lovely lavender, every year I get more hooked on the beauty and the scent. ~
Off to get the Spinach.
Sue xx

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  1. umm I know what you mean about the cougettes I swear they double their size overnight !
    Your lavender is looking gorgeous.


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