Thursday, 15 July 2010

Hawk Eyes

I'm watching you bad birdies.....stop stealing the 'girls' food!
This is one of our latest purchases and an invaluable one at that,. Mr Hawk Eyes spins in the slightest breeze and has big beady eyes and sparkly panels to startle birds. Magpies and Rooks were taking the easy food option and helping themselves to the hens food. No bad thing a bit of feeding the wildlife, but when you have chickens the easiest way for them to pick up illness and disease is from the dropping of other wild birds. So no more, they can go and raid the farmers barn for their breakfast and leave my girls in peace.
It's working a treat by the way. The odd Magpie that braves Mr Hawk Eyes gets chased away by one of the girls, they are SO much braver when they are in the majority!!
Today I'm having a day off from 'farming' and going to the supermarket to buy only those things that we can't grow ourselves or buy from Farmers Markets. I will hold tightly to my purse strings, focus on the aisles that I need to dwell in and laugh at the rows of uniform courgettes and tomatoes, lying in their polystyrene trays, knowing full well in my heart that at home lie the weird and wonderful shapes and tastes of our homegrown food.
When I return home I will be 'crafting' away in my little room in readiness for Saturdays Farmers Market and the sales I anticipate...haha!
Sue xx


  1. well that would scare me away ! My girls hang around the bird table for spillages.

  2. oh no! Henny's going to want one now!
    Enjoy your un-farming day

  3. LOL, very scary! Its surprising how a pair of eyes keeps animals away.

    btw Love how you stringed your onions in the previous post.

  4. I remember when these first started to be used on farms in our area. We had no idea what they were and they looked so strange hanging all over the vineyards! But they are effective. :)


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