Monday 5 July 2010

Eating our Own

A tired Betty resting in the shade of the trees, after her afternoons excitment.
Now every meal we have contains food we have grown ourselves. Last nights tea was a wonderful roast chicken (not...I hasten to add, one of my girls) with the most tasty homegrown cabbage. Simply steamed and tossed in butter, then sprinkled with pine nuts. On a bed of brown rice it went down wonderfully after a long day. I was wondering if I should start to list some of the meals we have on here to give myself inspiration on what to plant next year, would anyone be interested or should I just put it into my farm diary?
Sweetcorn planted though membrane, at the side of the polytunnel. The day started bright and early with our trip to the car boot sale, to sell off lots more unwanted things from the house. We made lots of money and lots of space in the house. Seemingly, everything we had was just what somebody else wanted...nice when it works out that way.

More carrots, blanched and ready for open freezing.

After Lovely Hubby doing another 'poo run' and me getting stuck into some henhouse cleaning and weeding we had surprise visitors to the farm. Our landlords have some of their dear friends staying for a while and the children we keen to meet our chickens and pigs. It was a hectic but fun hour for the animals and children. They showed no fear on meeting the pigs and everyone behaved extremely well (I'm talking more about the animals here!).

A Speckledy.

They cuddled chickens, were presented with an egg by one of the Speckledys, and helped feed the pigs, then they went with LH to raid the polytunnel and came out munching on just-picked carrots and clutching courgettes. With the gift of a box or two of free range eggs their tea was in no doubt. What nicer way for children to learn where their food comes from than to help gather it themselves.

I hope they enjoyed themselves as much as we enjoyed having them here. It sparked an idea with us too, so perhaps Family Days here on the farm for small groups might be a thing of the future.

Off now to harvest some garlic, courgettes and more peas.

Sue xx


  1. Hi - I was a bit worried when your title was "Eating your own" and below was a picture of Betty. I know not to be sentimental about farm animals, but thought this might be a little too matter of fact!! Luckily on reading further I discovered you were not eating Betty on this occasion! Love your blog....

  2. Don't you just love it when things go to plan?
    I think small groups of family farm fun days is a brilliant idea! As you say, what better way to show children ( and some adults!) where and how their food is produced?
    I wish you good luck on that venture. Cream teas? or is that pushing it ?
    I would be interested in your meal plans too, as you say, it would help you and others to plan what to grow. I love cabbage too!
    Nice pic of Betty.

    Sandie xx

  3. I can remember gathering eggs as a child when we stayed on a farm - happy days.

  4. phew! Betty saved for another day!
    Yes, recipes please.
    Have a good week

  5. I second the yes please to recipes. Am going to try steaming some cabbage (out of the garden of course) and adding pine nuts tonight, sounds lovely.

  6. Same here - your post was a rollercoaster of emotions as I thought 'Oh no, not Betty!' then 'Oh no, not one of the girls!'

    I would love to see some recipes, and the farm days sound like a great idea. I might come on one myself. Could do with a little trip, something nice for myself...

    Love Charlotte

  7. I'd be up for a grown up day on the farm! Sounds like a great idea and also for the recipes too.
    Sarah x


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