Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Onions and Bread

Yesterday was a real onions and bread day.
Firstly I looked up on Google how to string onions, and then had a go. After a couple of minutes of figuring it out something clicked and it started to work and I managed to get all the largest of the white onions strung together and looking reasonably neat.
So then I just went for it, using a double length of string tied to the banisters I got all the onions that had been drying in the kitchen strung and ready for storing.
The onions that didn't have long stems I used in the casserole for tea, and the tiniest ones I covered in salt and left overnight ready to make some pickled onions this morning.
While the onions were being strung I had the bread rising in its bowl and as that went into the oven I started thinking about making bread. Family and friends have bread-making machines and are having various degrees of success with them, and I have been toying with buying one myself to help speed things up a bit. The I suddenly realised I had never even tried making bread with my Kenwood mixer. It has a large bowl and a dough hook, so I gave it ago. Out came the flour and yeast again and another mix was placed in the mixer, it felt slightly weird to just watch as my dough was kneaded by a machine, but the finished result was amazing. After a little bit of hand shaping it rose magnificently, and baked to perfection after only 20 minutes. In the picture at the top of the post, the machine made one is on the left and the handmade one on the right, the little bun is the sole survivor of six, the others went down VERY well with tea last night!
The taste is divine, slightly lighter than my hand made bread and very uniform, so no, I am not going to buy a bread-making machine, I am going to use what I already have on a regular basis.
Pickles labelled, and ready to go and lie down in a dark room, I think I would need to after being covered in salt all night and then doused in vinegar and spices! I'll let you know if this simple pickling method works in a couple of weeks when we will be able to eat them. And now I'm off to blanch my carrots and transplant my Aubergines. Sue xxx


  1. You certainly have been busy!
    I used to have a bread machine which I used regularly but the finished loaves were quite small so didn't last long. Since I was given a Kitchen Aid for Christmas a few years ago I have only used that & it takes no time at all, especially with the help of the Aga to help the dough rise.
    So, the breadmaker went to a friend.

    Great job on the onions too!

  2. Hey, good to meet you and great blog !I will follow it
    Nice onions as well !
    Best wishes

  3. Sorry me again, please send me a lavender price list. I would much rather buy it from a blogger !
    think my email should be on my blog or let me know if you would prefer to post
    thanks Sue

  4. I'm VERY impressed!! I love making bread, it makes me feel like a proper person :-)

  5. Busy busy busy BEE!! how did you do your onions?

  6. Sue your onions look just perfick ;)

    lynn xx

  7. thank you for your AMAZING comments, feeling thoroughly happy! x

  8. H. You are a proper person!! Glad to make you happy, anyone reading this, nip over to H's Blog by clicking on the orange H at the start of her comment to read a lovely blog, it had me enthralled!

    Anne, not sure which onions you mean, the pickled ones I'm guessing. Simply top, tail and place in a bowl with lots of salt, toss a few times then leave covered with a plate overnight. In the morning, rinse with water, dry and put in a sterilised jar with pickling vinegar, white or malt it doesn't matter and a teaspoon of pickling spices. The leave for a couple of weeks in a dark, cool place. Simples!

    Sue xx

  9. Yay-you strung your onions! When mine are a little drier I am going to have a go too. It is satisfying, isn't it?
    I meant to say last visit how much I enjoyed the Aga post.Our first house had a Rayburn and I have never stopped hankering for another.


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