Monday 11 April 2016

The Old Tin Bath

The Old Tin Bath was in a dreadful state at the start of the weekend.

We have been using pickings from it all through the Winter, which I think is pretty good going considering the rain and frost we have had.  The Rosemary especially has been prolific and tasty, although it looks like it's on its last legs in this photo.

I dug out all the herbs and Lovely Hubby helped me to remove most of the compost from the bath over the weekend working between heavy showers.  New compost was added and the herbs were put back into it, with the herbs from all the small pots joining the replaced larger ones.

Before digging out the largest Rosemary I snipped off a few cuttings, stripping the lower leaves from the stems so they wouldn't be under the water.

I decided to use a few of the trimmings in a Focaccia that I made to go with our lunchtime soup.

And the rest joined the big cuttings ...

... on the kitchen windowsill.  

My kitchen now smells divine, who needs artificial air freshners .... not us for sure!!

Sue xx


  1. The only useful thing in our new ( very small) garden is a huge Rosemary, although I'm enjoying loads of tulips and primulas.

    1. I love the first year in any new place, waiting to see what will come up can be very exciting. I'm sure you will soon have a few more herbs planted up ready for use .... it's a good excuse for a trip to the garden centre :-)

    2. I know exactly what you mean, Sue. We are in that position as we first saw Bronllan last May, again a couple of times in June I think and not much after that. I am loving going around the garden every couple of days seeing what is coming into flower and deciding what has to come out etc. Soooo very exciting! I hope to have a herb garden in one of the old Belfast sinks we have lurking in the garden and will definitely be having Rosemary and Thyme.

  2. I never thought to do that. I'm going making cuttings now :) I love your tin bath

  3. Likewise, I just love the tin bath. Exactly my cup of tea.

  4. Your energy seems boundless Sue. \that bread you have made for tea looks divine - I can almost smell that rosemary from here.

  5. I can't walk past a rosemary plant without touching it to get the aroma. Love it!

  6. Love the bath i would love one , I am planning on planting up an old trunk with herbs soon , xxx

  7. Your bread looks great. I bought a rosemary bush from aldi but I think it's dying. Really dry and brittle leaves despite being watered. I have tried taking a cutting to see what happens. Thanks for the idea again


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