Friday 15 April 2016

All Very Organised ..... or is it?

It's all coming along nicely in the polytunnel, my favourite seedlings in the world, the Courgettes,  are looking deliciously chunky, everything else is showing it's face nicely.

Little touches of green peeping through  :-)

I even have Aubergine seedlings showing their faces .... I struggled a bit with these last year.

All very organised and productive.

Unfortunately the weeds in the front flower bed are equally productive, and it doesn't help that the wind scattered grass seeds in there when we sowed the new grass next to this bed last Autumn!!

Oh well if it's dry tomorrow you know what we will be doing  :-)

Sue xx


  1. Better to be partially organised than not organised at all. The plants are looking very healthy in the tunnel - a promise of delicious things to come.

  2. Everything in your PolyT. is looking really good, you should have enough courgettes I think!
    Good luck with the weeding - don't get backache

  3. Your polytunnel is absolutely fantastic, especially those courgettes.
    I hope you get the weather you want this week end. Her in the Dales it has poured with rain since lunch time and there is snow forecast overnight and a hard frost.

  4. I'd love to have a polytunnel, but as a sort of outdoor office!

  5. Big if about it being dry though if it's been anything like it has over here! Haevn't got my squash plants in yet, ewverything seems so far behind.

  6. I just finished pulling 3 wheelbarrows full of grass and weeds from around my beds. What s chore! Love the polytunnel.

  7. From your kitchen photos to your chicken coop, everything about you shrieks neat

  8. You have my sympathy with the grass seed in the border, I once seeded a lawn and it rained very heavily the next day and washed most of it into the surrounding flower border. I was weeding it out for years. Have a great weekend :)

  9. All looks fab. I am growing courgettes as hope to make some pickles and I intend to look for a recipe for courgette chutney. None of my seeds have come up yet but they have only been in for 10 days so hope for something by the end of next week. I'm really going to have to get used to the waiting lark or buy plug plants for everything!Good luck with the weeding.x

  10. Yesterday in Sainsbury's I saw bags of spiralized 'courgetti'....£1-20 a pop! I had a quiet little giggle!


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