Friday 8 April 2016

A Pair of Whoppers!!

We were out in the polytunnel this morning, digging up the Borage plants that I have grown in there over the Winter and transplanting them into Nut Wood, which is our wildlife area at the far end of the paddock.  It's fenced off from the rest of the field so that the sheep when we have them staying don't nibble at the young trees and is developing into a real wildlife haven.  

While he was there Lovely Hubby finished laying the membrane over the grass that was still exposed and then dug a large shallow hole to slightly sink the plastic paddling pool that we found lying in the woods when we first moved here, it makes a good pond for wildlife but the green plastic was jarring on the eyes, this way it sits more naturally in it's surroundings..

We have sunk it in with an inch still showing above the ground to stop beetles and other small creatures from scuttling in by mistake in the dark, and of course we have placed large stones at one side inside the pool to enable any creatures that do fall in to climb safely back out before they drown.

Now that the Borage plants are in there the idea is that it will self seed each year and provide a regular supply of early flowers for the bees that visit us and pollinate our flowers and fruit trees, of course I will pinch a few of the flowers for us every now and then, they make a lovely edible garnish for salads and look lovely when frozen into ice cubes and dropped into a glass of Pimms  :-)

While I was in the polytunnel clearing the beds after removing the Borage plants I had a good tidy up.  I weeded the beds and then gave it all a good water, mainly so my little Nematodes don't die until they have eaten all the slugs and the slug babies ... which they seem to have done a treat, I didn't spot any while I was picking leaves for tea, but I did spot lots and lots of lovely worms, something that we had in very short supply when we first moved here.  There were worms of all sizes big fat juicy ones right down to some teeny, tiny ones that could only have been a day or so old.  Once the worms arrive you know your soil is going to be okay.

I also picked the carrots pictured at the top.  Pulling them up I had no idea they were going to be so big or I would have only grabbed at one.  Lots of grated carrot for us this weekend, or maybe it's time to make another pot of soup after my salady week.

Sue xx


  1. Sue your wildlife area sounds fantastic and your carrots look lovely too almost too good for soup I think I would use them either grated or roasted as part of a meal.
    Have a good weekend

  2. The carrots are probably very good and sweet. You and your polytunnel are incredible.

  3. I love borage flowers, and Bob Flowerdew says borage is as good as comfrey as a nutrient source.

  4. The woods sound a lovely place! Your tunnel is amazing, I'm dreaming of one for me too!

  5. That polytunnel looks to me to be in perfect form for the Spring (if it ever arrived) - and I do love the idea of that pond too. Up here in a chilly North Yorkshire I saw my first bumble bee today.

  6. Love the carrots, especially the way the one on the right, with the nose, looks as though it's fallen out with the one on the right (or is that just me!).

  7. You're taking a leaf out of my book
    Pair of whoppers!!!!!!!!!'


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