Sunday 3 April 2016

Tubby Club

Warning this post has Pug Overload
... which will not be a problem for all you Pug lovers out there  ;-)

Back in April of last year I enrolled Suky in Tubby Club at the local vets.  It took me a while to get used to calling it that, I kept saying Fat Club by mistake .... but Suky didn't hear me !!

She goes most months for a weigh in and over the course of the last year has slowly and surely lost just over 2kgs in weight.  Her starting weight was 12.2 kgs and at her last weigh-in she was 10kgs ... the same as she was at the weigh-in before, and the only time she has not lost something.

She has never gone backwards in her weightloss journey and the nurse that runs the club loves her to bits and always grins at her consistently downwards pointing graph of weight loss.

She used to look much tubbier, a little head on a big body.

Now her rear end is much, much slimmer, although she still has the large shoulders her Mum had.

Which means if she poses for a photo like this she still looks a bit tubby.

But if you get her more like this she looks as slim as she actually is.

I think she has about another kilo or so to lose to make her even healthier.  She is already much happier, well I mean she can scratch her own ears now and run all around the paddock, something she most definitely could not do this time last year ... and if you're a little Pug that lives with two energetic Jack Russell terriers you've got to try and keep up haven't you.

With big sister Rosy when she was 9 weeks old.

How did Suky get her name .... well Suky was born exactly one week after my lovely Mum in Law Jessie died in October 2011. She loved dogs that cuddled up to you and were happy to while away an entire afternoon in cosy cuddling, and would say to any dog that craved affection and cuddles 'you suky, suky little thing' and give them the cuddles and love that they needed, so Suky was thus called.  In memory of Jessie, and to let the world know that she craved love and attention.  And funnily enough I have just found out that Sukey (spelt with an 'e' in the Hebrew way means Lily as does my full name, now that's a happy coincidence!!

Sue ...  and Suky xx


  1. Great to hear that Suky is doing so well at her weight club ! A lot of customers are coming into the shop with their pugs so I get to play !

    1. Suky gets let into a lot of show that say No Dogs Allowed .... I think people just love Pugs and know how laid back they are :-)

  2. I love hearing about your dogs, they are all gorgeous x

  3. Sue, I had a black pug called Algy, who lived to be around thirteen and I loved him to bits. Someone gave us Oscar, a German Short Haired Pointed, as they were going to live and work in Japan. Oscar settled in well, Algy took to him immediately. Who was the boss? Algy without a doubt.

  4. Absolutely adorable!!! :)

  5. Tubby or slimmer Suky is adorable .

  6. Sue, I would love to get a Pug as a companion for my Shih tzu .... and me :) but I've heard they shed like crazy! Does Suky ??

    1. No more so than any other short haired dog in my opinion. Regular brushing, which they love, keeps it in check. They are perfect companion dogs and follow you everywhere you go .... be prepared, you will never be able to go to the bathroom alone again ;-)

  7. Thanks Sue, I think I see one in my future :)


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