Tuesday 12 April 2016

The Old Tin Bath - Rejuvenated

After yesterdays post I thought I better nip out and take a quick photo of the now rejuvenated tin bath.  

The herbs that I transplanted from the pots that they lived in last year are still quite small, but it won't be long until there will be no soil visible, and the bath will once again be jam-packed with tasty herbs that, sitting as they are just outside the back door, are handy for use as soon as I think that a recipe needs an extra bit of flavour.

When I get some bark chippings next week for the net tunnel floor I will pinch a few handfuls to cover the now exposed soil and make it look even prettier.  In the meantime it is drinking up the constant stream of rain and April showers that we have been having and everything will be bedding in nicely.

Sue xx


  1. my parents have a couple of sinks that are being put to good use!

  2. I've just earmarked a small bit of garden for some herbs. I've plonked the pot with the mint in it there, and another pot with the equally invasive lemon balm. I'll add some other things in too once they've grown
    The bath looks lovely

  3. It looks great! How nice to have it close to the back door for easy access. Wish we had some of your rain, though!

  4. Snap! I have an old tin bath planted up with herbs as well. Actually I have two, a large one like yours and a smaller one. I think I need to replant the big one this year as the herbs in it are old now. Also have some cowslips in there as well. When it all flowers in the summer it does look nice.

  5. That scarecrow is well on top of its job!


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