Thursday 21 April 2016

Lovely Hubby's Favourite Commodity

I get happy over cook books, gardening magazines with free seeds and courgette seedlings growing big and strong in the polytunnel ..... Lovely Hubby's favourite commodity is a trailer load of shit goodness to replenish all the nutrients lost with the constant rain of the Winter washing the goodness from our vegetable beds.

This particular load has a lot of straw mixed in with the sheep shit manure as it's come straight from the lambing sheds of one of our neighbours.  Next week LH will be going back for a second load of year- old rotted and nicely steaming proper horse manure that he's offered us from the corner of his field, which he will use to top this lot off and thereby get a nice hot composting pile going on in the corner of our paddock.

Some of this weeks load has already been used in the bottom of the compost bins now that they have all been turned over and put into one, with two more now available for me to top up over the course of this years growing season.

Our neighbour Mary, has just given me another contact for even more horse manure, so I see Lovely Hubby's obsession with sh*t growing all the more ... just like it used to when we lived in Oxfordshire, where he had a heap the size of a small mountain covered in tarpaulins and it was so hot we once grew Melons in it!! 

Sue xx


  1. I'm in tears of laughter here, Men are such simple creatures. My own lovely hubs is never happier than when he's taking something apart and making a godawful mess! Luckily he hasn't yet discovered manure! hehehe x

  2. Thats going to be the problem here - no good muck to add to the compost bins. Cleaning out the goat pens all those years ago was hard work but it was good rich stuff.

  3. I can get excited with both cook books and pooh.
    Think of all the loveliness that can be gown in it soon. :)
    I've added a layer of straw under my pooh in the raised beds. It is supposed to heat up the soil considerably while it decomposes. But I don't think the sun will be strong enough over here to grow melons. Maybe when I get that polytunnel. xxx...x

  4. That's a lot of fertilizer!

  5. From Margie in Toronto - when I was in High School I used to work for a big dept. store (but at their warehouse out in the suburbs) and every summer they set up a gardening centre which I worked at as the cashier. I used to love to use the loudspeaker to order up 50lbs of sheep sh*t for some customer - that always seemed to be the most popular kind for some reason! :-)

  6. Every man must have his hobby !

  7. Men, you have to love them. Mine is never more happy that when he is fettling in his shed, normally covered in sawdust or wielding his chainsaw in a lumberjack fashion! Plus my hubby would love that trailer!

  8. I quite like the trailer actually. Would make a cute little caravan.

  9. I think I could get excited about fertilizer were I able to grow things...Glad you had a lovely time on your birthday!


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