Thursday 14 April 2016

Almond Tree Blossom

The Almond trees are still in blossom, which bodes well for a slightly bigger  harvest than last years, which was the grand total of three almonds .... yes three.    We were forgiving they are baby trees and they had only just been planted months before we got nuts.  This year with little frost to speak of the blossom has all stayed on the trees and is looking beautiful.

Somebody asked me in a comment on a post when I published a photo of them a bit ago if they were ornamental or actual food trees.  Well I rarely 'do' ornamental, if I'm growing something it has to be edible or have a definite benefit ... although saying that something as beautiful as this blossom is a benefit to the eyes isn't it, so it's a double bonus with these trees.

It's turned really chilly here this afternoon, luckily I managed to get all my washing dry enough to finish off on the Aga before the rain came and now it's evening so time to feed the pooches and cosy on down for a relaxing evening with a good book.

Sue xx


  1. Ha, I've been playing cricket in the near dark tonight!

  2. Looks like you might get more than three almonds this year! At least, I hope so.

    I had a newly planted peach tree which gave me two peaches, last year. I am hoping for a few more than that, this year.

  3. The blossoms do look beautiful, I hadn't realised almond was quite so decorative!

  4. Does the blossom smell almondy?

  5. Very pretty, I'd love to have trees like that.
    Hope you get a great harvest this year!

    1. Anything more than 3 will make us smile :-)

  6. I read somewhere today that in California thieves are stealing almonds from the trees, because they are so valuable! Maybe your tree is more of an asset than you previously thought...


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